An abundance of debate surrounds the dilemma of calorie counting. Time to confront this puzzlement. We constantly come across en-number of blogs that give reasonable explanations. But if we have to pick one side, we get frantically swayed between the two-ends.

Lets put things to perspective here. Consider a situation where,one is trying to loose weight the healthy way. Essentially reap results that stick around.

Now, lets take a second look at this same question- should you count calories or not?

Before contemplating an answer, lets remind ourselves one thing. That is,on the sole basis of edibility we have food that can be broadly divided into two categories- Processed and Wholesome.

Processed Foods- These are meddled and tampered with technology by adding preservatives,colour,and texture. In this process, they are stripped down of all the nutritious value.

Wholesome Foods- These are the ones consumed when they are closest to their original state. This means the form in which they were sustained on earth.

I guess there is an answer surfacing in your mind but still a little vague.

Its simple-

•If the food is junk that’s beaten by unpronounceable processes then COUNT and be CAUTIOUS. Even handful of fries can end your calorie game.

•And when eating food in it’s naturally occurring state you can go easy on math. Want to enjoy those juicy macadamia dates or the season fresh mangoes?
Go ahead.

Now that you know when to count and when to cut yourself some slack from numbers lets look at when this to going to fail or work.

Sure shot failure-

Jonathan Bailor is the author of the new book, The Calorie Myth. He believes, counting calories leads to failure 95.4% of the time when you try to eat 1200 calories or less. Starving yourself, with an intention to create calorie deficit will hammer metabolism. This will burn muscle rather than fat. Start eating normally again after a restrictive diet, and you’ll gain more weight because of the pokey metabolism that can’t do its job.

Instead, this works-

Begin with nourishing yourself adequately. Supplement this with a mix of cardio and strength training which will result in calorie deficit. This way, fat is cooped out of the cells and is replaced with muscle. Muscle is ever hungry for energy- it churns the remaining fat out by consistently burning calories even at rest.

Bottom Line:

Definitely count calories!
All filters down to the basic principle we have been hearing for the longest time- Calories in, calories out.

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