Years ago, a nutrition expert Adele Davis said “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.” It was meant to address the issue of fat gain among people and advocated little or no eating before hitting the bed. Over the years, the words have been resounding but the wisdom behind it remains in question. The contemporary theory is of the view that fat gain results from a positive net calorie intake, that is if the calories consumed are more than the calories burnt, weight gain happens.

There are lot of reasons to believe in the modern thinking though. Not only is it very logical, but there are many scientific studies also that support the claim that the time of eating does not affect our weight in any way. On what grounds do you think the myth may have risen? Or what part of it is true? It claimed that what we eat just before bed tends to deposit as fat in the body as it goes in an inactive state. But it didn’t consider the fact that even in an inactive state, our body needs nutrition to function, metabolize, generate energy, and a good metabolism increases the fat burning rate.
However, consuming excess carbohydrates, especially simple carbs like rice, spikes the levels of insulin which facilitate the storage of glucose in fat cells. Hence weight gain. So the trick lies in keeping your carbohydrate intake to an optimum level during the night. Another bad habit people have is that they tend to binge a lot at night. We all begin to eat mindlessly once we are sitting in front of the computer or television at night, and it’s overeating and not eating at night that may cause the weight gain in such cases.

Having said that, it is highly recommended to have a healthy meal before going to sleep so as to make sure your body maintains the energy levels required to function in an inactive state. In the absence of requisite energy, there are chances that you may feel cranky and deprived of energy on the next morning. So make sure you eat at least 4-5 meals in a day without worrying about eating at night. Be healthy, stay nourished!

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