Human body consists of around 60% water as it plays a key role in many aspects of life. But what happens when your body’s ability to retain water is more than what is required. It starts adding on to your weight. In the event of body water constituting a major percentage of your body weight, it is not rocket science to imply that removal of excess water from your body will result in weight loss. Women tend to suffer from excess water retention during pregnancy. Though it is not considered a serious health issue, it can seriously impact your appearance and quality of life if not kept in check. Let us now look at the various ways that can keep your water weight under control.


The more you work hard, the more you sweat, which results in the discharge of excess water from your body. Make it a habit to exercise on a regular basis. Exercising also supplies water to your muscles from outside the cells, letting you rid yourself of that soft and flaccid appearance that is a result of water weight in the body.

Proper sleep

A good sleeping pattern controls the renal nerves in the kidney to balance the sodium and water levels of the body. A healthy amount of sleep which is anything in the range of 7-9 hours per day controls hydrations levels of your body while minimizing water retention.


Minerals like magnesium and potassium have many roles to play in the body and regulation of water is one of them. The imbalance of electrolyte levels directly links to shifts in fluid balance, making it very essential for one to supplement his/her diet with electrolytes if weight loss is on their mind.

Salt intake

Sodium is one of the most common electrolytes in the body and is mostly obtained from salt. A high salt intake is generally associated with higher retention of water levels in the body, making it very important for you to not consume salt in very high amounts.

Drink water

It may seem ironic how drinking more water would lead to reduction in water weight. But the fact is that if you supply your body with adequate volumes of water (around 8 glasses per day), it doesn’t feel the need to retain water, ultimately minimizing water weight.

Follow these advices to rid yourself of the extra water weight in your quest for weight loss. Be healthy, stay nourished!



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