What comes to your mind when you hear of the word ‘superfood’? Don’t mistake the word for the diet of your favourite superhero because it is not. And if you think they contain chemical additives that provide you abnormal energy levels, you couldn’t be wronger. Nourish You’s quinoa and chia seeds come in the category of superfoods that may be crudely defined as nutrient packed natural foods. Now let us shed some light upon those who can benefit from superfoods. 

The Elderly

As we grow old, age begins to take its toll on our body. Body’s digestion weakens that results in a poor diet. This makes the case for foods that supply the body with its daily dose of nutrients even when consumed in small amounts and what better than superfoods for this purpose. Proteins, that you already know are the building blocks of the body, and complex carbohydrates, that digest slowly and don’t raise glucose levels in the body, are of prime importance in this age. 

The Gym Goer

You must have seen the people going to gym carry shakers and sippers with them. Most of them are likely to be carrying them to drink protein shakes after their workouts. This is because muscles break down when we strain them in gym and protein helps repair them. The process of rupture and repair causes muscle growth in the longer run. Now it is only customary to mention that superfoods like broccoli, salmon, chia assists in the process of building muscles. 

The School Kids

There is a tremendous pressure upon children to perform in everything they do. From sports to extra-curriculars, from school to coaching classes, they are expected to be the best everywhere. This should never take a toll on their health which means that kids need to be nourished to the full, more so because they are in growing stage. Given their affinity towards cakes, candies and chips, it becomes even more important for them to have something healthy like superfoods.

Besides quinoa and chia seeds, flax seeds, kale, salmon and blueberry are some of the other foods considered to be superfoods. Replete with all the essential minerals and nutrients, they are a must for anyone looking to follow a healthy diet regime.

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