Old age makes way for a host of problems when it comes to keeping up with adequate nutrition. One, their nutritional requirements are not defined; two, an older person’s energy requirement per kilogram of weight is also reduced. At the same time, certain foods tend to disagree with your system. Let us have a look at the foods you should avoid in old age.

Dairy products

Raw unpasteurized milk should be avoided at any cost. Instead pasteurized or ultra-heat treated milk should be preferred. As a matter of fact, all the milk sold in shops and supermarkets are pasteurized. Thus, if you buy milk direct from farms or farm shops and at registered farmers’ markets, it can be unpasteurized and can become the cause of food-poisoning.

Undercooked meat

One must be very careful with undercooked meat. Poultry is notorious for possessing some food poisoning bugs such as salmonella and E.coli. It must be made sure that meat is cooked fully and there’s no trace of any blood. Also it should be made sure that the kitchen surface and cutlery are clean to prevent spreading of these bugs.

Raw eggs

Eggs are one of the greatest sources of protein. They are a very healthy choice if included in your breakfast. But in old age, raw or runny eggs should be avoided as they contain salmonella that causes food poisoning. Also, cook eggs till the yolk is solid to prevent any issues.

Cold Meat

Cold meats like salami and ham should be avoided as much as it can be as they are not cooked but just cured and fermented. This puts them at a risk of containing toxoplasmosis-causing parasites. Go through the instructions on the pack to see if it is ready to eat or some cooking is required.

Beans and sprouts

Unlikely it may sound, but bean sprouts may have a surprise in the form of bacteria, the warm and moist condition being the catalyst for food poisoning bugs. Therefore, one can relish them as long as they are thoroughly cooked.

As you may already know, quinoa and chia seeds are rich in protein and complex carbs. Protein are the building blocks of our body and complex carbs keep the glucose level in the body in check. Thus making them good for elderly. Be healthy, stay nourished!

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