Is it possible to have a crack in the argument against having whole eggs? Sure there have been plenty of scrambled perceptions around this question. Its time we get hard-boiled closure on this.

Before we dive in, let’s define the nutritional structure. The white or albumin stores majority of protein whereas the yellow or yolk is where cholesterol and fat occurs.

Obviously now, body builders framing their guns of biceps need to pump up on protein and hence consume or are recommended to consume more protein dense part which is the white. And its understood that fat needs to be eaten in minimal quantity to look shredded, the reason why they avoid yolk. Hence, some health nuts advocate why anyone and everyone should stay away from the yellow.

Now since not everyone’s life ambition is to compete in body building competitions, we will not consider that as an ideal situation. Let’s rule that out. Instead, let’s just say you are someone living a moderate to decently healthy lifestyle by balancing nutrition and breaking sweat every now and then.

Before you go on to read this article, I want you to pause and give egg yolk a clean slate. For once stop judging it and being sold into the marketing gimmicks. Stop demonising the yolk for shooting up the blood cholesterol levels.

All hail! Make some room for whole eggs.

Guys, wake up! Our body cholesterol levels dread processed sugars and trans fats, not the heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Time to burst your myth– recent research at the University of Connecticut found that the yolk fat actually helps in curtailing LDL (“bad” cholesterol). BOOM!

It is reasonable to avoid yolk from being eaten on a regular basis if you have an issue with cholesterol. But otherwise, eat the whole egg.

And really it boils down to preparation. If you are frying your eggs in saturated-fat-laden butter, cheese and crispy bacon then needless to say it will have a negative impact on your cholesterol levels. Instead, use canola or olive oil to heat on heavy iron skillet and add chopped spinach, diced onions and shredded chicken. Protein power punch!

Balance Is Key

It should go without saying, but always bears repeating, too much of anything isn’t good for you. This applies to eggs too! Having egg yolks or whole eggs several times a week will not significantly elevate your cholesterol level or create excess fat that is unmanageable.

Bottom line- Nutrition’s buried treasure is that golden centre soaked in precious minerals and vitamins. Do gobble it down!

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