Being fit has become a large trend in 2018, with almost everyone trying to get on to speed with it – yoga, salads, gym and what not! A joyful jumble of healthy ingredients can bring out the best of tantalizing delicacies.

What can be the healthiest ingredient to tempt your taste buds? Chia Seeds? Of course! It is now time to feel the fresh boost of energy and get over your everyday caffeinated breakfast.

Fun fact – “Chia seeds were an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans back in the day. ‘Chia’ refers to the strength and is an ancient Mayan word” as mentioned by Kris Gunnars. Here’s an enhanced version of well-being and wellness that you can try in your kitchen.

  1. Blueberry Chia Seed Smoothie

  • Smoothies are the all-natural, ground-breaking formula for maximum results. Bhavna (@justagirlfrommumbai), a part-time food blogger from Mumbai has her own series of real quick smoothies popularly known as #aajkitaazasmoothie. You can hop on to her Instagram wherein the basic ingredients are combined together in a vibrant chorus. A must try has to be the Blueberry Smoothie.
  • In a jar of freshly chopped blueberries, add a teaspoon of Chia seeds. The oats and whey protein can be added as per the preferred quantity along with a pinch of turmeric in a glass full of milk; bring this to a smooth blend and you’d be surprised by a perfect blend of the flavors in your smoothie. A true savory selection laced with a layer of good health!
  1. The Green Chia Seed Smoothie

Experience the unforgettable combination of frozen spinach kale and chia seeds offering you the strength and energy in the form of a green smoothie.

  • The green smoothie is a simple blend of the main ingredients along with chopped banana, almond milk, and protein powder.
  • To this, add a hint of turmeric and we’re sure the two main ingredients will mix together so well that they’re they amplify each other’s flavors to their best.
  1. Raw Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Aren’t jams the rich man’s feast at a poor man’s price? Fresh flavors accented by accents of Chia seeds and a unique taste of the raw strawberries are certain to make you feel the same about jams all over again.

  • A simple and quick recipe, in which you mash the strawberries using either a fork or a potato masher until desired consistency.
  • Thereafter, add water, chia seeds and a sweetener (of your choice) and mix it so well that it bursts with intense flavor and an alluring aroma.
  • Transfer the jam to a glass jar and refrigerate it for at least an hour. On a freezing, the jam even stays for as long as three months.
  1. No cook Chia Seed Pudding

Chocolate, in a nutshell, is a food lover’s dream come true. However, seasoned to perfection with a perfect blend of cocoa and calories, people often take a step back when it comes to chocolate as a prominent ingredient. The Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding is the ideal choice for every health-conscious person. A basic recipe and no cooking tantrums is a complimentary win-win situation.

  • You’d require: Chia Seeds – ¼ cup, Almond, Soy or Regular Milk – 1 cup, Cocoa Powder – 3 tbsp., brown sugar, vanilla essence – ½ tsp and a pinch of salt.
  • For a super boost of energy, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave it to settle overnight in the refrigerator. Top it with your favorite dry fruits the next morning to add a fruity, nutty, note to your breakfast.
  1. Chia Seed Oatmeal

A proprietary blend of ingredients that offer the utmost stamina can be none other than chia seed and Oatmeal. An easy, no-cook recipe adds a fresh twist to your regular breakfast. Here’s how:

  • Combine milk, oats, greek yogurt, chia seeds, honey, and cinnamon in a 1/2-pint glass jar with a lid; cover and shake well until it is infused with all the rich flavors.
  • Remove lid, fold in the blueberries and cover it air-tight. Refrigerate the oatmeal overnight (at least 8 hours) and you will feel how subtly each premium selected ingredient has contributed to the greatness of the meal.

These simple and basic recipes have the potential to become a seasonal staple. While the smoothies can be gulped 365 days a year, the jams can be a wintertime favorite. The puddings can be an all-time dessert meal that truly redefines the food of the Gods. With each bite/sip, you’ll experience a sublime taste filled with flavor. Above all, the health which you have been unable to focus on because of work can also be easily balanced with such easy no-cook recipes. No more tedious cookbook hassle when you have deliciously easy recipes in hand that are a tantalizing treat guaranteed to make any food lover drool!







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