Introducing superfoods to the kitchens of India

About Nourish You

Our Brand Philosophy

At Nutrivative Foods, we believe that including natural, organic and wholesome foods in our diets can have a major impact on our lives and communities. Our goal is to provide the most nutritious food so you can embrace a healthy and active lifestyle without compromise. We set high standards in all aspects and practices of procuring, manufacturing and retailing organic foods.

Our Story Begins

Over 5000 Years Ago…

Quinoa has a majestic history dating back 5000 years, when it was first used for consumption in the Andean region of Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. This grain-like seed served as a staple food in the Incan diet, leading the Incas to call it the “mother grain”.

Legend states that the Incan emperor would ceremoniously plant the first quinoa seeds every year.

Chia has an equally grand history. The Aztecs boast the first record of Chia as early as 3500 B.C. In Mayan, “chia” means “strength.” These civilizations believed that the chia seed provided supernatural powers. Their warriors attributed their stamina to this tiny seed.


But It Was Almost
Lost Forever…

Like many of the ancient grains, quinoa and chia seeds slipped into obscurity with the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th Century. Attempting to destroy indigenous culture, the quinoa and chia fields were destroyed. Only small amounts survived high in the mountains.

This all changed in the 20th Century when quinoa and chia was reintroduced to us in the modern world.

chia seeds bowls

The Superfood
Revolution Is Here…

When nature creates a food so potent in nutrients, that food becomes an integral part of a solid foundation of health. Superfoods were recognised by the greatest of our ancient civilisations for exactly what they were: superior. It was understood that some foods held such great potential and qualities that they were to be given special status.

The world is recognising these foods for their potent qualities once again. The world has moved beyond eating healthy towards eating for better health. Why? Effective nutrition can achieve what no medicinal supplements or therapy can; and with minimal side effects.


And We’re Only Just
Getting Started…

“Why not introduce superfoods and their spectacular health benefits to the kitchens of India?”

This was the lingering question when a group of young biotechnologists started paying attention to the food habits of Indians. We observed that a highly demanding lifestyle had adversely affected dietary habits.

Driven by the urge to make people eat healthy, we started looking out for the future of food; something that is nutritious, sustainable, homegrown and can easily be added to Indian diets.

After travelling the world and conducting many field experiments, our quest ended with Quinoa and Chia Seeds; and Nourish You was born.

Today, you can find Nourish You’s authentic, high-quality Quinoa and Chia Seeds at leading retailers across India.