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Watermelon seeds benefits, fact & recipes

Mega watermelon’s mini seeds & their mighty benefits to mankind!

Does size really matter? Maybe not. Because several nutritious edible seeds prove that true potential lies within and is not limited by the size of the outer shell! Watermelon seeds... Read More

Superfoods’ super nutrient - Protein!

Nutritional experts always recommend protein-rich foods to be included in every diet. Have you ever pondered about the importance of protein and how it helps our body? Similar to the... Read More
Superfoods - Rich Protein Source
Super plate with superfoods to stay healthy

A Super Plate for a Super You!

The best route to a healthy life is through a healthy plate. A well-balanced meal that supplies nutrition to the body is a perfect blend of all essential nutrients, which... Read More

Soul-satisfying sunflower seeds will surely make your health shine!

Harvest! This term signifies the efforts put in right from sowing the seed of pure intentions, until the fruits of success are reaped. As we begin this new year with... Read More
Sunflower Seeds & Health Benefits
 Facts about Quinoa

Quick facts about Quinoa, and ways to consume it that you’ll simply love!

A popular myth about ‘Quinoa’ is that it is perceived to be a cereal or a grain, but it is actually a seed of the quinoa plant which belongs to... Read More

Fiber-Rich Flax Seeds: A Complete Catalog

Flax seeds is a popular term for linseeds that are extracted from the very resourceful 'Flax' plant. Interestingly, every bit of the flax plant serves its own unique purpose as... Read More
Flax seeds health benefits & Recipes
Thanksgiving day celebrations with Superfoods


Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually largely across the globe now. Originating from the United States since the late 16th century, it usually falls on the fourth Thursday of November every... Read More

How to switch to nutritious snacking options?

Whether you’re at school, at work, or just chilling at home, eating snacks in short intervals can really keep you going through the day and even make you feel energised... Read More
Nutritious snacks for health
benefits of superfoods for skin

Superfoods that can boost your skin health

Good nutrition is key to a good life. Striking a balance between a healthy diet, physical exercise, and the right amount of sleep can improve your skin, hair, and overall... Read More

Which edible seeds are good for you, and how can they be consumed?

All seeds in nature contain the necessary starting materials to grow into complex plants. They are essentially the starting point of life. So, generally speaking, seeds are extremely nutritious. Among... Read More
Which edible seeds are good for you, and how can they be consumed?