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Add an African twist to your Superfood meal!

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With the growing popularity of superfoods all across the world, and an increased interest in plant based diets, we discover various seeds and grains which originate in different parts of the world that are now going places due to their functionality and versatility. One such ancient grain that hails from Africa is now making its way into kitchens all around the world. The 'Teff' grain is a dietary staple of Ethiopia, well-known for its richness in protein and high mineral content.

Teff grains are typically ground into flour and mainly used to prepare a number of baked delicacies that include the famous traditional Ethiopian bread called 'Injera', which looks like a flat pancake. Though it is still a new superfood in many parts of the globe, teff flour is available online in India thanks to Nourish You..

Interesting facts about Teff:

  • Teff is a cereal grain that belongs to the grass family and is also referred to as 'lovegrass'.
  • Ethiopia is the largest manufacturer of this grain, accounting for 90% of the total cultivation in the world.
  • It is known to be the tiniest grain in the world, measuring about a milli meter in length. One wheat kernel measures equivalent to 100 Teff grains.
  • Teff grain takes only 36 hours to sprout, the shortest time period compared to all other grains.
  • The Teff grains have a mild, nutty and earthy taste depending on their variety and are consumed as both grains that can be directly added to porridges & dishes or ground as flour that is used for baking.

Health benefits of Teff Flour:

  1. Teff Flour is an excellent source of dietary fiber compared to other whole grains, as it contains five times more fiber than wheat flour. It also contains resistant starch which helps in better digestion and nutrient absorption.
  2. This flour is also beneficial in weight loss management since it's full of dietary fiber and is a naturally gluten-free superfood.
  3. This flour is rich in calcium that is highly recommended for women as it helps in reducing severe PMS symptoms.
  4. This flour proves to have a lower glycemic index compared to wheat flour which helps in controlling blood sugar levels. 
  5. This flour has high iron content which caters to smooth functioning of multiple systems in our body, mainly enabling the free flow of oxygen throughout the entire body via red blood cells.

Teff Flour recipe ideas & tips:

  • Teff is one of the most versatile plant-based foods that can be adapted into any diet easily. Hence Teff is considered an all-purpose flour that is majorly used to produce baked goods such as cookies & biscuits, pancakes & waffles, teff energy bites, banana bread, brownies, cakes, and muffins. Teff Flour adds an earthy, nutty & sweet flavor to any meal.
  • A number of baked goods can be prepared using teff flour, which blends well with chocolate, cocoa powder, dry fruits & nuts, and edible seeds for great taste and texture. Browse online for recipes of gluten-free vegan teff brownies which are loved by everyone.
  • Teff flour pairs well with other whole-grains & flours, hence it can be added to oats, wheat, barley & rye flours to bring out the nutty flavor in regular dishes. One of the most popular teff flour recipes is the gluten-free apple pie teff porridge.

Try making the popular Ethiopian Injera using premium Teff Flour by Nourish You available for delivery across India with your favourite homemade chutney to create a unique Ethiopian dish with an Indian twist.