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Thanksgiving day celebrations with Superfoods

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually largely across the globe now. Originating from the United States since the late 16th century, it usually falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. November 26th, 2020 marks Thanksgiving Day on the calendar this year. A customary tradition of this day in the western part of the world is acknowledging and paying gratitude for the harvest festival and hosting a feast for the family. In the US, Thanksgiving Day is believed to be one of the highest food consuming days of the entire year, hence it marks the beginning of the Christmas Season.

Most Americans prepare a grand meal for their loved ones expressing their gratitude on this day. Green Bean Casserole, Pumpkin Pie with Cranberry Sauce, Apple Pie, and Sweet Potato Casserole are some of the most popular traditional Thanksgiving meal dishes.

Would you wonder if Thanksgiving could still be as joyous for you if you don’t add more calories to your weight yet enjoy an appetising meal? Your belly will thank you later if you prefer to opt for the best superfood alternatives for this festival that blend into your healthy diet plan.

Why choose superfoods?

  • Superfoods are largely plant-based and are known for their rich nutrient value, especially high in the content of vitamins and minerals that account for a healthier balanced diet.
  • The benefits of superfoods include reducing cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and hypertension, improving metabolism, promoting good heart and brain health, and weight loss.
  • Superfoods are symbolic to be the superheroes of your meal- they help protect and equip your body to fight against diseases.

This festive season, you can choose from some of the trendy superfoods and superfood salads for your Thanksgiving meal.

Wondering how?

  • Apples, Turkey, Pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, Winter squash, Cranberries, Chestnuts, and Pumpkin seeds are meant to be ticked off on your Thanksgiving favourites list.
  • Quinoa is a superfood that can be used in the form of quinoa flour as a healthy alternative to your bakes which would help in shedding away some weight if you tend to overindulge in the feast.
  • Almond breads using flax seeds instead of eggs are the ultimate delight for the vegan club.

The best superfood blends just perfect to strengthen your immune system, just as you aim at strengthening your bond with your loved ones on this happy occasion.

Don’t count your calories this Thanksgiving! Instead, be grateful for the best superfood recipes and Indian superfood recipes that will satisfy the festive craving in you. Are you ready with your Superfood Superstars to be placed under the spotlight at your Thanksgiving dinner table this year?