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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas with Superfoods to Pack for Work

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healthy meal preparation ideas with superfood packs

Tired of carrying the same old sandwich to work day after day? But too busy to come up with and cook a healthy meal every morning? Count on us to add a nourishing and easy-to-prepare bowl of excitement to your work lunchbox!

These healthy meal preparation tips will not only make your fitness-conscious colleagues envy your time management skills, but will also get your Instagram inbox buzzing with requests for the recipes!

Here are some practical meal preparation tips with superfoods to make your life easier and more fit! By implementing these tips for preparing healthy meals, you will also be more pumped and focused at work.

Quinoa has become a staple in urban households, and rightfully so. The tiny gluten-free and vegan grains are a powerhouse of protein and other vital nutrients. They are versatile and can be incorporated into any meal. It’s a perfect ingredient to begin your meal prep journey with as Quinoa retains its texture for several weeks when stored properly.

You can easily meal prep with quinoa by boiling it in bulk and freezing them in batches. Add them to any base, like milk if you want something sweet, or sauté them in butter and spices, adding vegetables of your choice when you crave something spicy.

Quinoa salads are also an excellent lunch option when you are short on time. Simply thaw and toss with chickpeas, shredded chicken or greens of your choice, and you are set for your lunch break!

You can effortlessly make about 8-10 individual servings of chia seeds and treat your body to the nutty delish taste and the incredible health benefits present in them.

Add the desired quantity of chia seeds and milk to a container and blend it. Wait for about half 10-15 minutes till the chia seeds begin to gel. Transfer the mixture to separate mason jars. Stir well and add your favorite toppings (fruits, nuts etc). Secure with a lid and place them in the fridge if you are planning to devour them in a week, or the freezer if you want to keep them longer.

Chia seed puddings also work as a great dessert option for folks with a sweet tooth who are trying hard to maintain a balance between weight management and satisfying their cravings.

There is no end to how creative you can get with mixed nuts in your daily meals. They are also rich in vitamins, healthy fats and other important minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.

Dry roast the nuts and refrigerate them in an airtight container. Add them generously to your quinoa, oats, or rice bowl. Blend it with smoothies for an instant protein shake! Including nuts will not only impart a scrumptious crunch to your meals but will also lend you long-lasting energy to improve your attention span and work performance.

You can start executing these simple superfood meal prep ideas right here, right now! Find an exclusive range of healthy and organic superfoods from the comfort of your home here.