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Organic Superfoods act as a boon to mankind!

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Organic Superfoods Benefits & Recipes

Staying healthy has now become synonymous to staying on trend. With the growing awareness about the adverse effects of artificial farming & cultivation practices that are resulting in climate change, many people across the world have switched from unhealthy dietary habits to vegan diets by consuming healthy food products for a healthier lifestyle and doing their bit to save Mother Earth.

Health Benefits Of Organic Foods:

  • Nutrient-rich: Organically grown foods are a great source of protein, dietary fiber, essential vitamins & minerals with lesser calories as compared to other foods.
  • Gluten-free: Most organic superfoods are naturally gluten-free, thus it is recommended for people suffering from celiac diseases as it helps ease digestive symptoms & boosts energy.
  • Promotes weight management: These foods have lesser calorific value, lower portions of sugar & sodium content and high dietary fiber that helps the body eliminate waste easily thereby improving digestion. 
  • Maintaining hormonal balance: Most non-plant based food cause a number of problems due to hormonal imbalances such as weight gain, fertility issues, moodiness, PMS symptoms. Thus, organic foods regulate the release of hormones preventing such issues.
  • Non-GMO: Processed foods are said to have genetically modified organisms that have long-term effects on the overall nourishment of the body. Hence organic food is sure to be most healthy and without genetically modified organisms.

Popular & Healthy Superfood Recipes:

  1. Chia Crispbreads- Snacking on some superfood bites like this gives your body a boost of energy as it's loaded with the goodness of antioxidants and omega-3. Serve them with a topping of fruits & spreads of your choice.CHIASEED CRISPBREADS
  2. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies- These cookies made using the quinoa flour and flaxseed meal along with a sugar-free icing serves as a tasty & gluten-free sweet treat.GINGERBREAK COOKIES
  3. Puffed Quinoa Granola bars- This is one of the most easy superfood ideas loved by kids all-time. It is considered as a substitute to high calorific processed savories. QUINOA GRANOLA BARS
  4. Quinoa Truffle Mac & Cheese- This is one of the most favored vegetarian superfood recipes that nourish the body and soothe taste-buds as well. QUINOA MAC AND CHEESE
  5. Vegan Teff Brownies- An Ethiopian healthy twist to yummy brownies making the gluten-free and fudgy as an amazing substitute of all-purpose flour for baking. Add a few walnuts to  the brownie batter that makes it taste great.TEFF BROWNIES
  6. Chia Seed Smoothie Bowl- Superfood smoothies such as this are highly nutritious and super tasty. Topping with your berries and fruits of your choice will enhance the taste. CHIASEED SMOOTHIE BOWL
  7. Pumpkin Seed Butter- This creamy butter is not just healthy, but nutty by its flavor that makes it go well for sandwiches and along other superfood recipes for breakfast.PUMPKIN SEED BUTTER
  8. Flax Sandwich Bread- This nutritious bread recipe is easy, vegan and gluten-free and popular among superfood recipes for weight loss.FLAXSEED BREAD

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