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Start Your Day With A Nourishing Superfood Breakfast!

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Superfood Breakfast

Kick-start your mornings with a healthy breakfast that sets the stage for a successful day's show!

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, not just because it replenishes your body cells after a night-long fast, but also sets the pace for your digestive system to operate effectively throughout the entire day. Just as knocking-off the alarm clock gets you in trouble at work, skipping your breakfast fails to get your digestive metabolism prepared for burning incoming calories for the entire day and rather enables conservation of existing calories which can give way to a number of health concerns in the long-run.

5 main reasons to eat a nourishing breakfast every morning

Vital benefits of indulging in a wholesome breakfast:

  • Breakfast fuels the body with energy that keeps you going all day long. Make a well-balanced superfood breakfast plan that caters to all the nutritional requirements of a healthy breakfast.
  • Consuming a healthy breakfast restores glucose levels of our body which improves memory power and strengthens our cognitive capabilities. 
  • Planning a superfood diet tailored as per an individual's life stage helps to meet the energy needs of the body depending on the activity levels, and also prevents weight gain & fatigue.
  • It is recommended to eat healthy superfood grains, lean protein, fruits, nuts & seeds within two hours of waking up, since the body breaks down the glucose better and avoids glucose fluctuations throughout the day.
  • A healthy morning meal is also an essential part of a well-balanced diet that controls cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

What happens when we skip breakfast?

Skipping breakfast on a regular basis will increase the risk of several major health concerns such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, and will also lead to acidity, excessive hair loss & vitamin deficiency in our body. Hence, breakfast promotes the overall well-being of our body.

Easy superfood breakfast ideas:

  1. Chia seed breakfast jars with berries and toppings of your choice is a quick breakfast option.
  2. Injera, a popular Ethiopian flatbread made using the teff flour, can be stuffed with cream & sauces of your choice and topped with berries to savor an African delight.
  3. Banana pancakes made using quinoa flour which can be drizzled with maple syrup and topped with chia seeds & berries for a tasty start to your daily diet.
  4. A bowl of Quinoa muesli & Quinoa Ragi Fills such as vanilla fills, choco fills & berry fills along with a glass of milk will fill you with yumminess and strengthen your body.
  5. Quinoa upma is a healthy Indian porridge dish made using white quinoa flakes and authentic herbs & spices.

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