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Super Cool Summer Superfoods!

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Super summers call for some super fun as we stay indoors and keep ourselves hydrated all day with chilled beverages, lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables that raise the energy levels in our body. In order to stay healthy in the summer season, it is recommended to increase the intake of naturally body cooling foods in small portions at regular intervals. Also, the scorching heat tends to increase our body sweat which leads to dehydration, thus consuming more plant-based foods and plenty of fluids increases the stamina levels and vitamin content in our body.

Beat the heat with these super cool tips:

  1. Sleeping well - Our body gets exhausted faster during the hotter months which leads to increased hunger, increased blood sugar levels, makes us more easily prone to illness and cognitive blockages. In order to prevent these issues, it is essential to get enough quality sleep.
  2. Staying hydrated - While our body cuts down on the appetite, increased intake of fluids is the ideal solution to cater to the body's nourishment during summer. Drink water frequently and add fruit juices to your diet.
  3. Avoid alcohol - Limited appetite during summer can lead to increased alcoholic consumption that welcomes a number of other health issues, hence we should be mindful to make healthy choices.
  4. Exercise regularly - Staying indoors can reduce our physical activity which ultimately affects our cognitive productivity. Physical workout keeps a check on our food intake, helps reduce body weight and improves mood. 
  5. Consume fiber-rich foods - Healthiest superfoods, vegetables, edible seeds, fruits and nuts are known to be an excellent source of dietary fiber that helps our body stay full for a longer period, reducing the intake of excessive calories. A minimum intake of 25g of dietary fiber per day is considered to be good enough.
  6. Add more protein - Proteins are essential nutrients that keep the body cool naturally when compared to carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, brown rice and nuts are some of the best superfoods that are rich in protein.

Summer essentials majorly include tomatoes, watermelons, oranges, yoghurt, berries, fruits & green leafy vegetables, raw edible seeds, dry fruits & nuts, quinoa and lastly season's most popular 'mangoes'. Healthy summer foods provide nutrients to our body cells, raise stamina levels and keep our body hydrated.

Amazing superfood recipes that are easy to prepare during summers:

Chia seed pudding with berries and nuts, and chia seed lemon coolers are some popular summer snacks.  


Vegan quinoa tortilla wraps made using tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and edible seeds are the best meal to grab for a summer noon.


Mango banana flaxseed smoothies are the season's tastiest beverage for fitness freaks. 


Teff blueberry muffins made using flaxseed are among the choicest vegan desserts.


Multi-grain energy bars made with a variety of edible seeds and nuts are a rich healthy snack that keep the energy levels raised during summer.


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