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Superfood Snacking Becomes More Exciting!

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Superfood Snacking Becomes More Exciting

Being committed to changing the dietary habits of people, and contributing towards a healthier nation, we strive to innovate and introduce a range of nutritious superfood goodies made using natural home-grown ingredients that are sourced directly from local farmers to ensure they are pesticide-free and harvested by conserving natural resources.

Our wide assortment includes breakfast packs, specialty flours, meal mixes and nutritious snacking choices. We're glad to welcome our two new snacking delights into the world of Nourish You. Our newest additions- Cashew Clusters and 5-in-1 Super Seed Mix are just the right blend of goodness and yumminess.

What are superfood snacks?

Nourishing ways to indulge in quick and healthy superfood snacks:

1. Cashew Clusters: 

      Crunchy cubes of wholesomeness made using the finest natural edible seeds and high-quality nuts including roasted cashews, almonds, pumpkin kernels and watermelon kernels. They are a rich source of protein, vitamin C and calcium.

      Ways to eat:

      • Can be easily munched right out of the bag.
      • Grab along with a bowl of yogurt.
      • Add it to your cereal or breakfast bowls.
      • Enjoy them with puddings and desserts.

      2. 5-in-1 Super Seed Mix -

      A yummy fusion of handpicked natural superseeds, this trail seed mix contains an assortment of the finest pumpkin kernels, sunflower kernels, watermelon kernels, flax seeds and chia seeds. A handful of this trail mix boosts energy levels and is an excellent source of calcium and iron.

      Ways to eat:

      • Munch it raw as a convenient snack.
      • Serves as a crunchy topping for soups and salads.
      • Blends easily into smoothies and cereals.
      • Can be added to curries, granola bars and seed crackers.

      3. Nut Mixes -

        A rich blend of nutritious nuts, dry fruits and berries, our Cranberry Walnut Nut Mix and Goji Berry Nut Mix serve as convenient snacking choices that are high in fiber and naturally cholesterol-free.

        Ways to eat:

        • Munch it straight out of the bag.
        • Add it to smoothies, milkshakes and breakfast bowls.
        • Can be used to prepare granola bars, puddings and desserts.

        4. Quinoa & Ragi Fills -

          Gooey flavored-cream filling packed in pockets of super-grains including quinoa, ragi, jowar & foxtail millets, our range of Quinoa Ragi Fills comes in three exciting flavors including Vanilla Fills, Berry Fills and Choco Fills. These crunchy bites are loaded with a bunch of essential nutrients that boost nervous system functioning and strengthen bones. 

          Ways to eat:

          • Simply munch it as an anytime snack.
          • Relish it for breakfast along with a jar of milk.
          • Add it to cereal bowls and puddings.

          5. Quinoa Muesli -

            Packed with the power of protein and dietary fiber, this wholesome blend of organic whole grains, dry fruits, nuts & seeds is a crispy and yummy addition to your daily diet. Quinoa Muesli comes in three nourishing & tasty variants that include Chocolate & Banana, Nuts(No Added Sugar) and Honey & Nuts.

            Ways to eat:

            • Indulge in a bowl of quinoa muesli as a raw snack.
            • Pair it with a bowl of yoghurt or milk for an easy & quick breakfast.
            • Can be used as a yummy topping on smoothies and milkshakes.
            • Blends well with fruit bowls, cereal bowls and puddings.

            Stock up your snack counter with our expansive snacking assortment, made using a host of homegrown ingredients that promise to satiate your hunger pangs with nutritious and yummy goodies.