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Superfoods & Self-Care Tips To Follow When Working Remotely!

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Superfood Recipes & Self Care Tips

Adapting to the work-from-home style offers numerous benefits, but on the other hand, it requires a constant check on our physical and mental well-being. Self-care is not a luxury anymore, rather it impacts our productivity at work too! A healthy diet and a good fitness regime is important to overcome stress and avoid burnout. To support the nourishment of our body and improve our cognitive capabilities, it all starts with choosing the right dietary plan which should ideally include the regular consumption of superfoods. 

Tap into the following self-care tips to form healthy habits while working from home:

  • Practice an organised working schedule: Plan your routine activities systematically such that you stay focused during work hours to avoid distractions. Figure out your personal highest productivity period during the day and schedule your working hours accordingly. Follow a consistent routine.
  • Intake nutritious food: Be mindful of your dietary habits at home, since both excessive or low intake of food are equally harmful to your body. Ideally, take a break for one complete hour during your midday meal and consume a wholesome diet that is rich in all essential nutrients. Keep your body hydrated by consuming more fluids. As a healthy snacking option, choose to indulge in nuts, edible seeds, protein bars and healthy crackers over high-calorie junk food. Browse online for some healthy superfood recipes that best suit your diet.
  • Exercise: Remaining seated for long hours poses an equally huge threat to our health, just like any other addiction. In order to avoid ailments such as obesity, elevated blood pressure, muscular strain and many such health conditions that arise due to poor body posture and an elongated sedentary lifestyle, practice flexibility and strengthening exercises such as pilates or yoga. Also include some cardio exercises such as cycling, jogging or swimming. Devote a minimum of one hour per day for exercising.
  • Take short breaks: Break from work for a brief period and indulge in recreational activities to improve your mood, thereby increasing productivity. Once in an hour, take a short break for a walk in the lawn or play a quick game like scrabble that enhances brain power.
  • Socialise & Rejuvenate: Take some time off your hectic schedule and connect with colleagues and friends beyond work. Networking is quite essential both offline and online to keep you aligned with your goals and seeking inspiration to pursue your passion. Join an online painting party or connect over some fun activities to boost your mental well-being as they are perfect examples of self-care while working from home.

Quick & easy superfood recipes that can come to your rescue on a busy day:

  1. A bowl of Quinoa Muesli with milk and berries is one of the simplest superfood recipes and is one of the easiest ways to kick-start your busy weekday mornings.NOURISH YOU QUINOA MUESLI
  2. Vegan Chia Seed Pancake is a tasty and healthy choice that goes well with toppings of berries, honey, chocolate sauce, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. CHIA SEED PANCAKES
  3. Injera is a popular Ethiopian flatbread made from the nutritious Teff flour. This sourdough flatbread can be served with sweet & sour sauces or chutneys, dals and gravies. Teff is considered to be one of the top 10 superfoods that vitalises our energy levels to keep us going all day efficiently.TEFF FLOUR INJERA
  4. Cranberry and Goji Berry Nut Mixes are a perfect snack to consume at any time of the day at your home work desk, without the guilt of adding calories to your diet.NUT MIXES NOURISH YOU
  5. Spinach Banana Flaxseed Smoothie is a perfect detox for weight loss which is easy to prepare right after your workout session.SPINACH BANANA FLAXSEED SMOOTHIE

Practice these effective work from home wellness ideas as you nourish yourself with our premium organic superfoods to get a healthy boost and maximise efficiency, without compromising on your physical and mental well-being, while working from home!