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Switching to organic foods is simply the right thing to do!

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 Benefits of Organic Foods

India's ORGANICALLY growing market:

Over the past decade, the organic foods industry has seen a rapid growth rate which marked $495.5 million in 2020. With the rising awareness of its numerous health benefits, an increasing demand for different types of organic foods is anticipated in the forthcoming years which will help capture a larger market share of the food & agricultural industry. The organic food market is expected to value at nearly $2601 million by 2026. Through a number of initiatives & schemes, the Government of India facilitates the effective supply of organic foods produced directly from farms to the urban markets.

In India, the organic foods industry is a niche market that has started gaining popularity due to the increased consciousness of health and wellness among the people. In addition, the consumer spending on organic food products has witnessed a substantial rise due to economic growth, rising disposable incomes, fast-growing population rate, urbanization and the robust funding and supply chain network encouraged by the government which acts as a catalyst for the development of this market across the country. Besides, the growing trend of veganism creates a huge demand for naturally plant-based foods that provide essential nutrients to the body.

The primary principle that differentiates organic food products from non-organic foods is that these foods are free from toxic pesticides, fertilizers & non-genetically modified organisms (Non-GMOs). Organic farming is strictly monitored and adheres to high standards of the cultivation process when compared to conventional agricultural farming. The innumerable health benefits of organic foods along with its environmental benefits have largely contributed to the success of this industry over the last few years. 

Here's how swapping traditional foods with organic foods can prove beneficial:

  • Naturally Nutritious: Organic foods are rich in essential nutrients and contain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals when compared to processed foods with harmful preservatives added to extend their shelf-life.
  • Less Junk, More Goodness: Organic foods add few calories and more nutrients to your daily diet, whereas non-organic foods are grown using artificial hormones and antibiotics that might create health concerns over time.
  • Antioxidant-Rich: Due to the usage of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals in the cultivation of commercial crops, non-organic food lacks the ability to support our body's immune system. On the other hand, organic foods are naturally abundant with antioxidants that develop strong defenses to support the cells of our body in fighting against diseases.
  • Great Value, Great Taste: Along with adding nutrients to the diet, organic foods also add natural flavors to the dishes that make them a tasty addition to daily meals.
  • Shield against diseases: Organic foods have the potential to prevent heart diseases, cancer and severe health concerns. They also help in regularizing blood pressure, controlling blood sugar and overall management of the body's well-being.

Organic superfoods have an exceptionally high nutrient-density. They hold great potential to ward-off diseases and provide maximum nutritional benefits with fewer calories. With the growing vegan movement, the future of the organic superfoods industry looks promising. 

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