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Super plate with superfoods to stay healthy

A Super Plate for a Super You!

The best route to a healthy life is through a healthy plate. A well-balanced meal that supplies nutrition to the body is a perfect blend of all essential nutrients, which... Read More

Quick facts about Quinoa, and ways to consume it that you’ll simply love!

A popular myth about ‘Quinoa’ is that it is perceived to be a cereal or a grain, but it is actually a seed of the quinoa plant which belongs to... Read More
 Facts about Quinoa
quinoa and millets

Quinoa and Millets - What’s the difference?

With the Indian market, and palette, becoming increasingly open to new, and in some cases renewed, tastes, there are a lot of new food products doing the rounds in our... Read More

How To Consume Seeds (Superfoods) Everyday

When aiming to stay healthy, we all set goals involving more exercise and diet food. There are some specific small ways to stay healthy. In fact, some of these ways... Read More
consuming superfoods everyday
Quinoa Flour

How To Make Quinoa Flour At Home And Where You Can Use It

You can prepare quinoa flour by grinding quinoa seeds to a fine consistency. The texture and feel of the powder are comparable to all-purpose wheat flour. From bread to muffins to desserts... Read More

Have A Sweet Tooth? Deal With It The Healthy Way!

So your diet chart is well chalked out. Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and a quinoa bowl loaded with vegetables for dinner. The entire day’s meal personifies a perfect picture... Read More
Deal with sweet tooth in a healthy way
Superfoods to boost your life

Eat Superfoods To Super Boost Your Life!

We hear the term ‘superfood’ being bandied about everywhere right now. It surely has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the wellness and fitness industry for the last few... Read More

Quinoa’s Hidden Nutritional Values!

Quinoa is getting its well-deserved attention now but this ancient grain has been a part of our diet for over 3000 years. Labeled a superfood because of its immense nutritional... Read More