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Nutritious snacks for health

How to switch to nutritious snacking options?

Whether you’re at school, at work, or just chilling at home, eating snacks in short intervals can really keep you going through the day and even make you feel energised... Read More
benefits of superfoods for skin

Superfoods that can boost your skin health

Good nutrition is key to a good life. Striking a balance between a healthy diet, physical exercise, and the right amount of sleep can improve your skin, hair, and overall... Read More
How can we consume Edible Seeds

Which edible seeds are good for you, and how can they be consumed?

All seeds in nature contain the necessary starting materials to grow into complex plants. They are essentially the starting point of life. So, generally speaking, seeds are extremely nutritious. Among... Read More
Chia Seeds for skin & hair

How chia seeds work wonders on your skin and hair

Chia seeds were used extensively and highly valued by many South American tribes since centuries, and were considered the “food of the Gods” by the ancient Aztecs. They are extremely... Read More
quinoa and millets

Quinoa and Millets - What’s the difference?

With the Indian market, and palette, becoming increasingly open to new, and in some cases renewed, tastes, there are a lot of new food products doing the rounds in our... Read More
consuming superfoods everyday

How To Consume Seeds (Superfoods) Everyday

When aiming to stay healthy, we all set goals involving more exercise and diet food. There are some specific small ways to stay healthy. In fact, some of these ways... Read More
Quick Workout recipes with Chia Seeds

Get Fit With Chia Seeds!

Being physically fit and fab should be a goal through out the year and our warm weather can be a great kick-starter for any workout. To take it up a... Read More
Quinoa Flour

How To Make Quinoa Flour At Home And Where You Can Use It

You can prepare quinoa flour by grinding quinoa seeds to a fine consistency. The texture and feel of the powder are comparable to all-purpose wheat flour. From bread to muffins to desserts... Read More
Deal with sweet tooth in a healthy way

Have A Sweet Tooth? Deal With It The Healthy Way!

So your diet chart is well chalked out. Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and a quinoa bowl loaded with vegetables for dinner. The entire day’s meal personifies a perfect picture... Read More
Recipes to boost immunity

3 Recipes To Boost Your Immunity This Rainy Season

After the long, sweltering heat, we eagerly await the skies to open up. We all love the monsoons. But, we certainly don’t love the cough, running nose, and sore throat.... Read More