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This choicest assortment of edible seeds, nut mixes, cashew clusters, meal mix and breakfast delights is packed with yummy goodness! The seeds and nut mixes can be enjoyed as a snack on their own, or used to add a nutritious and flavorful twist to any meal. The omega meal mix adds a power-packed superfood boost to any dish. Our highly popular quinoa muesli is a tasty & healthy breakfast choice. So dive into this box of delights and indulge yourself!

This SUPER BOX contains

  • Black Chia Seeds 150gm 
  • Sunflower Seeds 100gm 
  • Flax Seeds 150gm 
  • Pumpkin Seeds 100gm
  • Watermelon Seeds 100gm
  • Quinoa Muesli Honey & Nuts 375gm
  • Cashew Clusters 200gm
  • Omega Meal Mix 200gm