With the festivities on a high, giving into indulgence is quite common. Don’t beat yourself up though, as this is something whose effects are easily reversible. We’re here to help you do exactly that. Get back to your regular fitness regime and healthy eating habits after going through this detox:

Get Sippin’ On Liquids

Drinking loads of liquids is very good for our systems, especially after a session of binge eating. Try jazzing your water up by adding fresh fruits into it and converting it into delicious detox waters. To do this, simply take your one or more of your favourite citrus fruits like strawberries, oranges or lemons, and add them to a jar of water. Let this sit for a while so that the nutrients from the fruits get absorbed into the water and sip away throughout the day.

Apart from detox waters, fruit juices, green tea, and coconut water also prove to be beneficial. Keep a bottle of any one of these with you, either on your desk at work or in your handbag/backpack when you step out of your home.

Make Salads Your Best Buddies

Salads are one of those foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory. Not only are they super healthy but are also very easy to make. Try this recipe for a quick-fix: Toss together a bunch of spinach leaves, cooked quinoa, coloured peppers, and red cabbage with some lemon, salt, and pepper. Top this off with a handful of flax seeds or pumpkin seeds, whatever you prefer, to add some crunch to this healthy snack. This salad is loaded with fiber, vitamin C, minerals and good fat. All these help flush out toxins and will replenish your to your fit and healthy state in a jiffy.

Oh, Honey

Honey is a natural product that is loaded with benefits. It is extremely good for health and can easily be incorporated in everyday dishes and drinks. A tablespoon of this is enough to keep you going. Honey helps in digestion, which is especially necessary after a session of binge-eating. The antioxidants in it helps lower blood pressure and also improves the cholesterol levels in the body. Add it to your cup of green tea, drizzle it over your quinoa pancakes or substitute it for sugar in any recipe and see the difference in your levels of energy almost immediately.

A Bountiful Breakfast

Start off your day with a healthy bowl of oatmeal. Being rich in fiber, they promote the growth of your immune system. The milk that goes into making oatmeal, can be substituted for quinoa milk and give you more nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with the protein that you’re anyway getting. You can take your oatmeal to a whole new level by adding a few fresh fruits into the mix. The protein-carb combo of oatmeal gives you the energy and stamina that you need to get back to your routine after slacking off during the festivities.

Take It Smoothie

Smoothies don’t always needs to be sugary and full of fats. There are a number of healthy recipes out there that are so delicious that they’ll give regular smoothies a run for their money. For example, you could try this green smoothie recipe, which includes spinach, green apples, and green tea. Simply blend these with a cup of yogurt and some ice, add sugar or honey if needed and enjoy. This recipe provides antioxidants from the green tea which is backed by the phytonutrients present in the greens that provide the perfect detox. The apple offers pectin, and also adds sweetness to the drink. The protein in yogurt keeps you feeling quenched and satisfied for a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Get off your device and head into the kitchen. These are a few ways in which you can get back to your healthy regime with ease. So go ahead, recharge and rejuvenate your body through this Diwali detox.

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