Are you a professional who spends 50+ hours per week at the office at a desk? Or are you someone who is always on the move, yet never on the jogger’s track? With a hard-hitting job and personal commitments alongside, you will hardly find time to hit the gym or indulge in physical activity. Your health is bound to get negatively impacted.

A recent study named ‘Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases’ by Centre for Science and Environment, states that over 61% of all deaths in India are attributed to lifestyle or Non-Communicable Diseases. The World Health Organisation points out in one of its reports that physical inactivity and unhealthy diets increase the risk of Non-Communicable Diseases’.

The good thing is you can stay fit even when you are chained to an office chair. If you are wondering how here goes a collated list of smart tips and tricks to stay healthy and eat well while you are at work.

Physical activity is a must

It is no news that physical activity is very essential to keep you healthy and fit. In order to ensure the health of mind and body, you need to indulge in a fun-filled activity at least 20 minutes a day. Staying inactive throughout the workday is bad for you. Therefore, never be glued to your desk while at work.

The golden rule is any movement is better than no movement at all. To be active at work, there are a few clever strategies which are listed below.

  • The simple and foremost thing to do is take the stairs whenever you can. Use lifts or escalators only when there is an emergency or a health situation. Use the restroom on another floor of your office and take the stairs while you go.
  • Park your car away from the entrance and walk to the door every day. Walk to your office if it is nearby to your residence.
  • Opt for walking meetings whenever possible. Avoid meetings over breakfast or lunch or dinner.
  • If your job role includes having long sessions over the phone, choose to walk during the time instead of sitting on your chair. Plan to walk and talk whenever there is discussion over conference calls. Make sure you use a headset while on call.
  • Put an alarm to remind you to stand and stretch from your chair once every hour while at work.
  • Take a stroll during the lunch hours or after office hours. If possible, keep your lunch at the vehicle itself so that you need to walk to the parking lot every day.
  • Make it a habit to get up and walk to the colleague to pass a message. Increase your activity level in every way you can.
  • You could also try using a standing desk to help you stay active and productive at work. A recliner in the office is also good for rest time, for you to be able to lie down and have some shut eye without straining your back!
  • Use productivity apps that help you divide your time into certain chunks and help you stay on to your task and take a short break to kick back and relax.

Snack smartly

Snacking is not a bad thing. You read it right! Snacking is one smart way to provide your body with the extra nutrients which may otherwise lack in your diet. Moreover, when you sneak mini meals in the diet, there is less chance of overeating during the main meals. However, it is important to pick up healthier snacks. You will be tempted to depend on unhealthier snacks as it is easily available. Make it a point to avoid junk snacks strictly.

Say no to eating out

Foods from restaurants or food joints often have a high amount of sugar, salt, additives, low-quality fats, and proteins, etc. which are, of course, detrimental. Try not to eat from restaurants or food joints. Instead, carry a simple lunch from home. In case you are eating out, make sure you eat healthy and fresh foods. If you can’t find time to cook a proper meal at home, go for nutritious and easy-to-cook salads using superfoods like Chia seeds, Quinoa seeds etc.

Ensure proper nutrition

To provide your body with a steady source of energy, you need to eat right and keep an eye on the nutrition intake. Here are some small changes in diet that will have a big impact on your health.

  • Do not skip timely meals, particularly the first meal of the day. Remember the oft-repeated fact that breakfast is the food for the brain. There are numerous healthier breakfast options out there for busy bees, and all you need is to discover it.
  • Make sure you remain hydrated at work as well. Dehydration is one of the common productivity-killer.
  • Replace those cakes and cookies, which you take to the office to share among the team members, with dried fruits, nuts, and the kind. Motivate your colleagues to do the same.
  • Shift your focus to quality of food rather than quantity of it. Enrich your diet with superfoods which will ensure adequate nutritional supply naturally.

Staying fit is important for the mental, emotional and physical well being. With the pressures of work and personal life, we often end up staying consumed in our head, but we truly exist when our body and mind are at synchrony and work together. Live not only from your head but your body to be able to see things in their true light, clarity and away from mental health issues – along with added physical fitness.

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