Every day, our most to of our times go in keeping up with our work, commute, and the general to-dos from the routine. Yoga, Zumba, boxing, or a swim might seem like things to cross of during the weekends in a routine like this. But what if we told you there are hacks to cut this drill. With some small steps, we can together initiate your journey of planning work out while working. The life towards being healthy and mindful could start with little changes.

Don’t change your diet altogether; just add some healthier foods to it

Adhering to a host of dietary changes at the same time takes a lot out of you and you would usually struggle to cope with them. A more sensible option would be to subtly add some healthier foods to your diet and replace the unhealthier ones with them. For example, you could replace your rice and pasta with quinoa. Quinoa is a tasty and a protein-rich superfood which works extremely well as a substitute in rice-based dishes. Alternatively, you can just add a superfood to your favorite dishes or beverages without taking out any ingredients from the original recipe. Chia seeds, for instance, could be easily added to smoothies, juices, salad, and yogurt.

Sleep well, no matter what!

Sleep is the absolute and ultimate key to maintaining fitness schedules and functioning at your peak performance levels in professional life. Healthy sleep habits help to keep your waistline in check, increase your productivity, creativity, and enhance your decision-making abilities. Make sure you give yourself 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Sacrificing on sleep for those extra hours at the office is self-destructive and would most likely create a severe negative effect on your health and professional performance.

Keep some ‘craving-busters’ handy at all times

A lot of the unhealthy junk that goes into your body comes from those ‘sudden cravings’ that you have. Bingeing on those chips and chocolates certainly delights your taste buds but it is extremely hard on your body. These cravings are a major cause of nutritional imbalance which, in turn, is a major reason why you are unfit. In order to deal with those cravings (don’t fight them, just handle them better!), replace those junk foods with superfoods such as nuts or blueberries that you can munch on at any time. Carry them with you at all times and each time you crave for something ‘tasty’, binge on them all you want! Besides being nutrient-rich and healthy, these foods are quite delicious too. A win-win situation if ever there was one!

Do the exercises that you like doing

So you don’t like running? Fine, don’t do it! In a cramped work schedule, it is anyway difficult to find time for exercise. And if you spend half that time bringing yourself to do that exercise, it is a criminal waste of time! Instead, just do what you like to do. Whether it is dancing, or yoga, or anything else; if you do what you like, you will do it well (just like in life!). More importantly, you will at least do something. And something is always better than nothing. In fact, just a stroll instead of a cigarette puff in your break hours can help you stay active.

Get a standing desk at work

With lifestyles across the world becoming more and more sedentary, there are ergonomic products that have evolved to enhance life. Standing desks help you stay mobile and proactive the entire day. While you’re standing at work, you can get a hoverboard to even commute to work on the road and start your day at an energized level.

If you’re still thinking of working out, think about the intensity over time

If you didn’t already know this, here’s a fact that will leave you delighted: If you workout for about 45-60 minutes thrice a week, that’s all you need! The secrets to an efficient workout are quality and intensity. 15 minutes of intense exercise is far more desirable than an hour of low-intensity workouts. Full body workouts, circuit training, and Tabata training are your best pals. Ideally, pick workout methods that you could practice anywhere, anytime. Place quality over quantity and remember that what matters is how well you do it; and not how often.

Schedule your workouts smartly and commit to them

“I had to skip my workout today as an urgent meeting came up.” Excuses like these need to be completely done away with. If you are serious about fitness, you need to schedule your workouts; just like you schedule a meeting! And it isn’t as tricky as it sounds (being a super-busy professional, efficient scheduling should be like second nature to you). Make sure you schedule your workouts for time slots where you least expect something else to crop up. Make your workout blocks a part of your calendar and commits yourself to them wholeheartedly. If your schedule allows it, try to work out in the morning as your body and mind are at their freshest best during that period.

With so many different methods, ideas and tips now at your disposal, your busy work schedule should no longer be a roadblock on your way to a fit and healthy life!

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