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About Joyful Inside

Joyful Inside:
The gut friendly company.

At Joyful Inside, we are obsessed with gut health since a good gut is a key to a healthy body and mind. Our products are specially crafted to give your digestive health a daily boost with a blend of superfoods, ancient grains, probiotics, prebiotics and dietary fibre.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT Prebiotics - Probiotics - Healthy gut - Healthy body- Healthy Mind - Joyful Life!

PREBIOTICS Prebiotics are specialised plant fibres that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, they are basically the food for probiotics or “good bacteria”!

PROBIOTICS Our perfect blend of prebiotics, probiotics along with superfoods and dietary fiber will boost your gut health.

HEALTHY GUT - HEALTHY BODY - HEALTHY MIND The heart, head, and gut all have complex neural pathways that work together. When you have a healthy gut you develop a better mood and resilience towards stressful situations. It helps reduce the risk of diseases and increases your energy levels.

JOYFUL LIFE With a healthy gut, body and mind, we assure you a joyful life!

SMART FOOD At Joyful Inside we believe that healthy food can be tasty and good for the planet. Our oatmeals are specifically crafted with minimally processed ingredients, probiotics and sustainable crops like millets and Indian grown quinoa which have a low carbon and water footprint.