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Joyful Inside Probiotic Chia Powder

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Product Description

Our Chia Powder is enriched with 10 billion probiotics that you can enjoy with a variety of foods. We use the most authentic and highest-quality chia seeds available in India that make for a nutritious addition to a modern-day diet!

Benefits of Chia

  • Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Great source of antioxidants
  • Contains ample fiber

Nourish You’s Probiotic Chia Powder is:

organic gluten-free raw-vegan


Build Your Health On The Inside With Nourish You’s Probiotic Chia Powder!

Our Chia Powder is infused with potent probiotics that regulate your health and boost your immunity. Chia Seeds are an excellent anti-oxidant and contain a high amount of fiber. It adds a crunchy & nutty element to your favourite meals and supplements them with the right nutrition!

  • Regulates cholesterol levels to keep you healthy
  • Its high fibre content aids in weight loss
  • It works wonders for the heart and reduces risk of complications

How to use our Probiotic Chia Powder?

You can enrich your diet with Probiotic Chia Powder by

  • Adding it to your favourite Yogurt
  • Using it as topping for Granola or Salads
  • Using it as a baking ingredient for your desserts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ashish Tripathi
Probiotics chiya powder

Good,Iam using first time.

Not genuine at all

First of all, this is not chia seeds powder it's flax seeds powder. I'm a regular consumer of both and well familiar with the taste and texture of them. These people are clearly scamming, so no idea if the claim of probiotics is true either. Second, the powder is clumpy and seems dated. I think people would be better off buying chia seeds separately and some bacillus coagulans unique is2 (the bacterial strain this product claims to have) capsules than buy this one. All in all, I wouldn't recommend this.