Ring in the new, and out with the old. This is something we hear at the end of every year and leave unnoticed. However, New Years is the perfect opportunity to put this mantra to use. Changing your lifestyle to a fitter, healthier one is not difficult. The only thing you need is focus, dedication and the right kind of products.

Giving presents for New Years is something of a norm now a days, so why not give this age old tradition a healthy twist?! You can help your near and dear ones get onto the fitness track by gifting those presents which will help them stay fit and maintain good health. Here’s a list of a few tiny trinkets you can give as presents this New Year’s.

A Fitbit

For those of you who are tech-savvy, a fitbit is a wristband-like device used to track your daily activity. Doing exercise is important, but making sure you’re doing the right kind of exercise is what matters most. Underdoing or worse, overdoing exercise causes more harm that you’d think. This is why keeping track of your activity is important and here’s where a fitbit comes into play. It syncs with your mobile or tablet and shows you’re your daily progress.

It not only keeps track of your exercise, but also lets you set goals, time track, check your sleeping pattern, heart-rate, diet etc. The design is unisex so it can be given to both, a man and a woman. It comes in a bunch of colours and designs to pick from. There are also a few places that are now customising these fitbits to look a certain way or have a name or a date engraved on it.

Protein Tumbler

Everybody knows the importance of protein in one’s diet. A healthy protein drink is the best way to get the necessary nutrition. Gifting a trendy protein shaker or tumbler is ideal for those who are into fitness and gymming. They’re easily available in most stores and are not too expensive. Moreover, the market is flooded with an array of colour and design options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

Smoothies, juices, shakes or detox waters, anything can be put into these tumblers and one can sip on them throughout the day. Its small size allows portability too.

Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless earphones are probably one of the top ten presents to gift somebody, irrespective of the occasion. When it comes to health, you may wonder how a pair of earphones helps, right? The answer is simple – A good workout needs an even better playlist. Gifting someone wireless earphones lets them workout to their tunes and get energised for their set.

There are many good electronic companies that have come out with Bluetooth earphones made specifically for those who hit the gym. They either come in the form of ear pods or as a head band. Whatever your preference may be, there’s something for everyone.

A Journal

A journal might seem like a boring present to give, but this is not the case. Journaling is a very good habit, as helps keep track of what one does on a day-to-day basis. Maintaining a fitness journal or a workout journal is a great idea. It lets you know exactly what your daily activities are and how much time you usually spend doing these tasks. You could also draw a food and nutrition chart and track your daily calorie intake.

These days, stationary is upping its game but making specific journals made for exercise and diet entries. Even if your friends don’t need a specific exercise journal, a regular stylish journal will suffice. Get them a customised one with their name, or favourite quote embossed on it and they’ll surely be glad.

A Health Hamper

What’s better than one gift? A hamper full of delicious and healthy goodies, of course! Everybody loves food, especially that which can be consumed guilt-free. Maybe this is why this particular present is by far is the best gift one can give someone who wants to stay in good health. Nourish You offers the best health snacks and super foods in the market, so why not pick up a few of the products and make a personalized hamper for your loved ones?

Every product is gluten-free, free from chemicals and is organically grown and manufactured. The products are readily available in stores and online on the website and on Amazon’s app. Choose from a bunch of goodies like quinoa, chia, flax seeds, muesli, etc.

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