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BREAKING: One Good acquires Angelo Vegan Cheese! | India

We're pleased to announce that we at One Good (formerly Goodmylk) have acquired Angelo Vegan Cheese, the most DELICIOUS vegan cheese in India! What makes Angelo Vegan Cheese so delicious? ... Read More
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5 CALCIUM-RICH vegan foods | One Good India

Calcium. Is it only found in milk and cheese? Of course not! Calcium is an essential nutrient that every living organism needs. Our bodies can get calcium in two ways:... Read More
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8 VEGAN restaurants & vegan options to try in New Delhi

Delhi is a city that LOVES food. It may come as a surprise that there are plenty of vegan options, too! You just have to know where to go, which... Read More
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28 Vegan Indian foods + dishes everyone eats | One Good India

These Indian classics are naturally vegan! That means you don't have to stress about making it vegan. And the amazing thing about all of this is that these are foods... Read More
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Best sources of fibre, benefits & recipes | Vegan

Looking to eat more fibre in your diet? A plant-based or vegan diet is the best way to eat more fibre, naturally and tastefully! The options are truly unlimited, so... Read More
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Vitamin D 101 for vegans | How to get it & supplements

Just like everyone else, it's important for vegans to get enough vitamin D. But can vegans get enough vitamin D? Are there any vegan foods rich in vitamin D? Keep... Read More
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10 Best vegan restaurants in Mumbai | One Good India (2022)

Mumbai has many great vegan restaurants and cafes. Some of the best vegan restaurants in India, in fact, because Mumbai is one of the most vegan friendly cities in India!... Read More
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What foods can you eat on a vegan diet? | A list of 14 food groups

People tend to ask vegans: "What do you eat?"  But as you'll read in this blog post, the answer is much more exciting and versatile than you ever thought, because... Read More
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6 types of vegan diets: explained! | One Good India

A vegan diet or lifestyle consists of no products that come from animals. That ranges from eggs, milk, and cheese to meat & seafood— and it also applies to what... Read More
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Paneer VS tofu: Which is better? | One Good India

Tofu and paneer are both popular foods, but how do they compare? Keep reading to find out! What is tofu? Tofu is soybean curd that is prepared by coagulating fresh... Read More