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What is vegan mayo? It's thick, creamy & deliciously egg-free

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Apparently, there are people who don’t like mayonnaise. But we hope that this blog post can convince someone to try it, especially the better tasting plant-based version!

What is vegan mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment used as a spread or dressing to jazz up regular meals, and is particularly delicious with french fries and snacks like samosas and nuggets. Trust us, we know! 

Because it's made with eggs and is often found in many foods, One Good mayo is an alternative for people who have egg allergies, are trying to limit their dietary cholesterol—or because they're vegan!

It's thick, creamy, and is usually served cold. It's so versatile it can be used as a base for other dips, sauces, or as an ingredient in some dishes like mac and cheese.

How do you make mayonnaise without eggs?

Traditional mayonnaise is made by an emulsion of oil, egg yolks, and an acid like either vinegar or lemon juice. 

What is an emulsion? It’s a mixture of two liquids that would usually not mix together. In mayonnaise, there’s a permanent emulsion of the oil and vinegar components to keep it from separating out.

One Good vegan mayonnaise is made by an emulsion of sunflower oil, plant-based protein (the egg-substitute) and an acidic component. So mayonnaise is almost plant-based, but we just have to remove the eggs and replace it with soya protein instead, which has a great nutritional value. 

Soya protein helps keep the water and oil evenly distributed throughout the dressing—providing a smooth texture with every bite. Plus, you can enjoy all this without any cholesterol or any of the adverse impacts of animal agriculture!

Is mayonnaise vegan-friendly?

Even though traditional mayonnaise is dairy-free, it is not vegan friendly because it contains eggs. The ingredients in vegan mayo and traditional mayonnaise are very similar, because there’s no mayonnaise without base ingredients oil, vinegar, or lemon juice. The largest difference is the egg substitute. One Good mayo uses plant-based protein instead.

With its creamy texture and tangy taste, this dip goes well with both Indian and International cuisines depending on your preference.

It can be made as spicy or as non-spicy as you want it to be by adjusting the amount of chilli powder used in it. 

Any veg side dish can pair well with it, and it works perfectly in Indian flavoured sandwiches with One Good paneer or a golden crispy veg patty. 

Don’t hold back in flavouring your mayo. Try adding these mix-ins!

Slathered on a veg sandwich, mixed into a fresh salad, sandwiched between burger buns, or dunked into, mayonnaise is the king of condiments… that is until you try adding these mix-ins! 

  • Garlic. Add some finely minced garlic. Garlic powder also works 
  • Chilli powder. Sprinkle some chilli powder in there to give it some heat
  • Herbs. Enhance your veg sandwich with fresh or dried parsley, basil, or dill
  • Saffron. Take a pinch of saffron and lit it sit in your mayo for a few minutes to dissolve 
  • Onions. Saute them, brown them, or add some onion powder
  • These are just some ideas to get you started. Once you’ve tried them all on their own, see if you can combine them! 

    Benefits of vegan mayo

    One Good mayo will make your sandwiches healthier. Each serving contains fewer calories, less saturated fat and fat than regular mayonnaise. It's also egg-free and cholesterol free!

    If traditional mayonnaise is difficult for you to digest, the eggless version will be much easier on your stomach without sacrificing on that delicious taste you crave. 

    Last but not least, plant-based mayonnaise uses less water and land to produce, it can reduce your diet’s carbon footprint, and it requires absolutely no cruelty to chickens. 

    If you like mayo, you’ll love One Good ranch! It’s similar to mayo, but it’s more garlicky, herby, and tangy! You can read more about it here.

    Leave a comment with your favourite thing to eat with eggless mayo!


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