Chennai - Recycling

Goodmylk Is Not Just Rectangular, We're Circular!

What’s all the fuss about? We have partnered up with Take Me Back Chennai to make your recycling experience easier citywide. Drop in to our select locations in Chennai to recycle your Goodmylk Cartons and PP Packaging to channel the Green Champ in you!
Fun Fact - Your recycled Beverage Cartons are transformed into new products!

Where Can I Recycle My Goodmylk Cartons and boxes?

You can deposit your Goodmylk Cartons at any one of Take Me Back's 12 drop points across Chennai. To know more about where you can deposit your cartons, visit their website, or DM them on Instagram @takemebackchennai.
If you collect 50+ cartons you are eligible for a free pickup with Dunzo. You can request a pickup by filling this form -


Why Is It Important for Me to Clean My Used Beverage Cartons?

Recycling contamination is real. The main reason for contamination is leftover food waste or liquids in containers that spill or leak onto other items. It also attracts bad odours and pests. The contaminated cartons cannot be transformed into new products!

How Do I Clean My Cartons?

● Empty contents of the carton, cut open the straw hole or cap opening, fill with water and give a quick rinse.
● You can push the straw back in or put the cap on. Straws and caps are also recyclable.
● Flatten the carton and deposit it at your nearest drop point.