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Are vegans funny? | Funny vegan jokes, movie puns, memes, and more!

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Are vegans funny? | Funny vegan jokes, movie puns, memes, and more!

Looking for some harmless fun? Contrary to popular belief, vegans can take a joke. If you’re new to a plant-based lifestyle, vegan jokes are a lot like vegan foods: they're light, hearty, and good for the soul. 

In fact, vegans love cracking jokes, just not eggs! Get it? But seriously, it's all fun and games until animals are used for food. 

This blog is strawberry JAM packed with the best vegan jokes, the most clever vegan puns, the silliest vegan movie puns, trivia questions you need to use, and of course some relatable vegan memes.

Let's get right into the "meat" of the matter!

30 Vegan Jokes That Are Actually Funny!

1. What is a comedian’s favourite food? 

Roasted vegetables

2. What are the four seasons of a vegan?

Salt, pepper, chilli powder, and garam masala

3. What do you get if you divide the circumference of an apple by its diameter?

Apple pi!

4. What evil entity do vegans worship? 

Seitan! (pronounced: say-tan)

5. Why are vegan jokes healthy?

They’re not cheesy!

6. How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb?

One, because a vegan can change anything!

7. Why did the tomato blush?

He saw the salad dressing

8. Why did the tofu cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken

9. Which university do vegans graduate from?


10. Which vegetable does a vegan captain not let on her boat?


11. What do vegan zombies eat?


12. How do vegans get together?

They date 

13. Why didn’t the vegan investor invest?

There was too much at steak

14. Who is Bruce Lee’s vegan brother?

Brocko Lee

15. How do people turn vegan?

They quit “cold-turkey”

16. Why are most ghosts vegan?

It’s super-natural

17. Why are vegan dogs hypocrites?

They always wear fur coats

18. What’s the best way to keep milk fresh?

Leave it in the cow!

19. Why do vegans make great workers?

There’s no egg-scuses!

20. What do vegans want?

Peas. When do we want it? Now!

21. Why was the vegan upset?

He had a lot of emotional cabbage

22. Why do vegans have big engagement rings?

It’s worth a lot of carrots

23. Why did the vegan couple file for bankruptcy?

They didn’t bring the bacon home

24. Why did the vegans lose their mind?

Because all they ate were nuts!

25. Why did the vegan get fired?

He didn’t meat expectations

26. Why shouldn’t you joke about raw tofu?

It’s tasteless

27. What did the lettuce say to the celery?

Are you stalking me?

28. What crackers do vegans refuse to eat?

Animal crackers

29. Why do vegans love grapes?

For raisin awareness

30. What do you call a vegan who murders?

A cereal killer

15 Vegan Puns You Must Know

  1. I fala-fel for it
  2. Olive you!
  3. Peach for the stars
  4. I’m rooting for you!
  5. You’ve guac this
  6. Squash the competition
  7. Please leave melon
  8. Here today, gone tomato
  9. Are you feeling okra?
  10. Everyone romaine calm
  11. It’s a pretty big dill
  12. We’re living on the veg of life
  13. You make a great pear!
  14. If you can’t beet em, eat em!
  15. Sprout your wings and fly!

10 Hollywood/Bollywood Vegan Movie Puns

1. Beauty and the Beet (Beauty and the Beast)


Source: Disney

2. Mission Impastable (Mission Impossible)

3. Lord Of The Onion Rings (Lord Of The Rings)

4. Pride and Prejuice (Pride and Prejudice)

5. Chole (Sholay)

6. Longan (Lagaan)

7. 2 Cakes (2 States)

8. Jalebi We Met (Jab We Met)

9. Daal (Taal)

10. Secret Sunflower (Secret Superstar)

15 Vegan Trivia Questions To Add To Your Trivia Night 

1. When is World Vegan Day?

ANSWER: November 1st

2. Which country has the highest percentage of vegans?

ANSWER: Israel

3. True or False: Pigs are the smartest domesticated animals

ANSWER: True. Pigs can solve problems, have great memories, and build complex social relationships

4. What year did One Good officially launch?

ANSWER: 2018

5. What year was the term vegan coined?

ANSWER: 1944

6. What is nutritional yeast made out of?

ANSWER: Dried inactive yeast

7. What country does tofu originate from?


8. Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

ANSWER: A fruit!

9. What is considered the most important staple in the world?

ANSWER: Rice. Yup, that’s vegan!

10. Where is vegetarianism most commonly practised?

ANSWER: India. Of course!

11. True or False: Honey is vegan

ANSWER: False. It is an animal product 

12. What food contains the most Omega-3 fatty acids in nature?

ANSWER: Flaxseeds. Just one tablespoon contains 2,350mg 

13. What is the most well-known vegan brand around the world?

ANSWER: Beyond Meat

14. What is the largest driver of tropical deforestation in the world?

ANSWER: Beef production

15. What percentage of climate change is caused by animal agriculture?

ANSWER: About 18%, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

7 Memes Every Vegan Can Relate To

1. Are we right or are we right?

2. If only!

3. Does it look like we're kidding?

4. They should be happy!

5. It's 2022. How can this still happen?!


6. We've all been there

7. Probably one of the best things about being a vegan is meeting other vegans!

Share the laughter around, and comment your favourite part below!


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