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5 things to do if you have a dairy craving

5 things to do if you have a dairy craving

Cheese, curd, milk, and ghee. These are some of the foods you can't seem to give up. No matter how hard you try, those creamy, cheesy, and indulgent dairy-based dishes... Read More
white rice

Vegan kitchen staples: Must-have ingredients for every plant-based cook

India is the best place on earth for vegan food.  While Indian cuisine may be internationally associated with indulgent dishes like butter chicken and paneer, the true essence of its... Read More
a2 milk, a1 milk

A1 vs A2 milk & the rise of vegan milk in India

In еvеry раrt оf Indiа, cow's milk holds significаnt culturаl, religiоus, аnd dietаry imрortаnce. But аs individuаls become incrеаsingly mindful оf their fооd choices, they аre еxploring а rаnge оf... Read More
avocado, flax seed, omega 3

How to get omega-3s on a vegan diet.

Despite what people say, there is omega-3 in vegan foods, and omega-3s can be easily obtained in a plant-based diet. So here are some ways to get more vegan sources... Read More
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7 ways to take the stress out of going vegan

To some people, going vegan is stressful. If you leave with anything, may it be this: veganism is a journey and not a destination, be patient and be kind to... Read More
2023, new year's resolution, party, new year

Don't have a New Year's Resolution yet? Try veganism!

If you’re a vegan, you probably don’t need any convincing that a vegan lifestyle feels great. But that's not who this blog post is for, anyway. If you're still on... Read More
millet, millet field

2023 is the International Year of Millets. Why does it matter?

What are millets? Have you ever heard of millets? They are small, nutritious grains that have been a staple food across India and South East Asia for millennia. The cultivation... Read More
delhi, delhi NCR, new delhi, india

8 VEGAN restaurants & vegan options to try in New Delhi

Delhi is a city that LOVES food. It may come as a surprise that there are plenty of vegan options, too! You just have to know where to go, which... Read More
samosa, fried food

28 Vegan Indian foods + dishes everyone eats | One Good India

These Indian classics are naturally vegan! That means you don't have to stress about making it vegan. And the amazing thing about all of this is that these are foods... Read More
cauliflower, bell pepper, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, herbs, vegetables

Best sources of fibre, benefits & recipes | Vegan

Looking to eat more fibre in your diet? A plant-based or vegan diet is the best way to eat more fibre, naturally and tastefully! The options are truly unlimited, so... Read More