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Superfood delights for Navratri

Celebrate The Navratri Season With These Authentic Superfood Delights

Navratri is a widely-celebrated Hindu festival that spans over nine nights and ends on the tenth day of  ‘Vijayadashmi’, in honor of the divine feminine- Goddess Durga who embodies the... Read More

Yummy Gujarati Quinoa Muthia

Relish a nutritious superfood twist to this crunchy Gujarati munchie. Quinoa Muthia is a guilt-free snacking choice for the ones who cannot compromise on healthy dietary habits for the pleasure... Read More
Quinoa Muthia Recipe - Superfood
quinoa chocolate doughnuts recipe

Quinoa Chocolate Doughnuts

Drool over these yummy & healthy chocolate doughnuts using the protein-packed superfood quinoa that makes this chocolatey dish a tasty superfood delight! Ingredients: For doughnut dough: 250g quinoa flour ¾... Read More

Superfood Munchies- Quinoa Cutlets with Creamy Sunflower Seed Dip

A perfect evening snack with a superfood touch that blends well with a healthy diet. Quinoa cutlets are easy-to-prepare, tasty appetizers that can be served with a creamy dip made... Read More
Quinoa Cutlets with Sunflower Seed Dip Recipes