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JUST LAUNCHED: vegan mylk @59/- INR per LITRE | Indiranagar

FRIDAY OCTOBER 28, 2022: After some serious out-of-the-box thinking, we're excited to launch our great tasting mylk at just 59/- per litre! This is not just the most delicious and... Read More
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Top 9 vegan & vegan friendly restaurants in Chennai | 2022

What is Chennai known for?  Chennai, located on the Bay of Bengal in Eastern India, is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is famous for its beautiful beaches, colourful sunsets,... Read More
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6 delicious vegan recipes to celebrate Diwali (2022)

Diwali, or Deepavali, is one of the most popular Hindu celebrations. It is a joyous time, filled with feasting and gift-giving. And that includes vegans!  It is in old legends... Read More
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6 vegan sweets recipes for Diwali in 2022

Diwali (also known as Deepavali) is one of the most popular and widely celebrated Hindu festivals. It is a time of great rejoicing, with five days devoted to feasting and... Read More
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What is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism?

A diet loaded with plants can lower cholesterol, blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors. But what exactly is a vegan diet and how does it compare to a... Read More
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What is the size of the vegan food market in India?

First thing’s first: what's a vegan diet? People who follow a vegan diet eschew all foods and products of animal origin—including milk, eggs and gelatin. Instead, vegans rely on plant-based... Read More
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The best vegan protein powder: vanilla

Plant-based protein powder is a delicious and nutritious way to shake up your workout routine. We'll get down to PRO2FIT's vanilla vegan protein powder—it might just change the way you... Read More
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Top 4 VEGAN restaurants to try In Bangalore + vegan options

Is Bangalore vegan-friendly? YES! If you're a resident in Bangalore, you know it’s a good place to be. And if you’re vegan, you have access to some of the best South... Read More
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5 Realistic Ways For Indians To Get Enough Protein On A Plant-Based Diet

Tired of seeing lists suggesting brussels sprout, kale, and hemp seeds? Same here. There's no denying their health benefits, but they're not grown in India, and quite frankly, they're not... Read More
12 Tips To Help You Eat Vegan Food Affordably

12 Tips To Help You Eat Vegan Food Affordably

Can you afford to be vegan?  The notion that adopting a plant-based lifestyle is expensive is common but that’s just untrue! With a little effort, everyone can find affordable ways... Read More