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11 tips to help you order vegan food at any restaurant | One Good

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11 tips to help you order vegan food at any restaurant | One Good

Vegans don’t stop eating out, they just get better at it. But we definitely understand the struggle, so that’s why we’re going to talk about it in today’s blog post!

As a new vegan, there may be some restaurants or dishes that probably won’t meet the needs of vegans…yet. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll discover so many new foods!

1. Choose a restaurant with friendly staff

When you pick a restaurant with staff who are more understanding, they will be more receptive to your needs and better communicate your requests. Not everyone understands what veganism is, but talking to someone who is willing to understand makes your experience SO much easier.

2. Call ahead

Mark our words, this is one of the smartest things you can do!

Ask your questions or even place an order ahead of time. Sometimes, a restaurant can only cater to your needs if you do this. Some places have special menus or can procure special dishes- but only ahead of time. So call away!

3. V is for vegan

It’s true!

If you look closely, some menus come with a “v” symbol to identify all the vegan options. Sometimes, it can indicate that it’s “vegan friendly” which means there are vegan dairy or meat substitutes on hand to make the dish fully vegan. 

4. Ask for the vegan menu

We’re not sure why, but sometimes you just have to ask if there’s a vegan menu. So just because you don’t see a vegan page or any vegan options on the regular menu doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole vegan menu!

5. Say you have a dairy allergy…even if that’s not true

If you say you have a dairy allergy, restaurant staff will take you a lot more seriously. This can help to prevent mistakes in your order. 

6. Check ingredients

If you’re feeling unsure about something, it doesn’t hurt to ask for the ingredients list for products like bread. There’s really no better feeling than reading an ingredients list yourself. And once you know, you’ll never have to worry ever again.

7. Bring your own vegan dairy

Ordering a dry veggie burger defeats the purpose of ordering a veggie burger. There’s no rule saying you can’t keep some small mayo or samples in your bag. Otherwise, you can certainly take the food home and add it yourself if that works better.

8. Use Happy Cow, the best vegan restaurant finder and guide in the world!

Probably one of the greatest gifts to vegans anywhere in the world is an app called Happy Cow. It’s the ultimate restaurant guide, and you can read reviews before you make your choice.

It’ll reveal the best vegan, vegetarian, and veg friendly options nearest to your location. It’s a game changer, and it’s 100% free. 

9. Give feedback

Feedback from even just one vegan can change an entire menu. Your feedback is so important to their business, and if they’re getting more buzz around their vegan options, why wouldn’t they add more? Post online, tell your friends, or let them know personally.

It has happened many times that customers have recommended OG products and started seeing us at their favourite spots! 

10. Be kind 

Remember to be kind. A lot of people might not understand what veganism is. There is always an opportunity to explain to your waiter or waitress what veganism is and how the staff can make a dish vegan.

Let's show them that vegans are some of the best customers! 

11. Avoid food delivery if you can… 

You can order from Swiggy or Zomato. BUT. You should avoid it if it’s a tricky order.

Nothing feels worse than trying to order something vegan when you’re super hungry, adding in your own written request, and still getting something dripping with dairy. It’s not the best way to use your time, energy, or even money.

Unless it’s labeled vegan, or it’s just an already vegan item, you’re good. We’re just warning you though, wrong orders are worse than heartbreak. 

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