About Us

 Who are we?

At OG, we're on a mission to create the next big dairy company — minus the animals.

From day one, our goal has been to make delicious tasting food that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

We believe in a future where people will no longer view animals as food or commodities. Instead, they will be viewed as living, breathing individuals who deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation.

We’re on One Good journey

In 2016, Abhay Rangan (a then 19-year-old vegan activist), was in the middle of an animal rights awareness campaign when someone approached him to say "vegan alternatives are expensive so I don't want to be vegan."

This got Abhay thinking. The very next conversation he had was with his family (who were also passionate vegans). The result of this conversation was the founding of One Good (formerly Goodmylk).

Veena, Abhay's mother, played a huge role and the pair soon became synonymous with the company name.

For the next two years, Veena made peanut curd in her kitchen while Abhay delivered each order all over Bengaluru. It was a very challenging period physically and emotionally, but after six months of trying—and failing to raise funds— OG raised their first round of capital in 2018.

Abhay and his mother went on to engage with commercial manufacturing facilities to produce curd, and Abhay's delivery duties were taken over by Prashanth I and Lokesh B, who would go on to grow the entire logistics function of the company. 

Soon after, Radhika Datt joined as co-founder to solidify the company’s structure, and Dhivakar Sathyamurthy joined to lead Operations & Sales.

Ever since then, our team has grown, with each new person contributing their experiences to our evolving story! 

Meet our team

Abhay Rangan, CEO

I’m Abhay and I’ve been a vegan and animal rights advocate since 2011. My entire family has been vegan for a long time now, and my wife, too! We really care about the animal rights movement and are all working to further the cause in our own ways. 

As an animal lover it is a joy sharing a home with Bella and Chinnu, our two rescue kitties. I am a Carnatic vocalist, chess nerd, and I love picking up new hobbies, going really deep into them for a few months, and then finding the next hobby. 

I find myself in a flow-state at work often and crave it. I am a dreamer and like to think of the ridiculous, big things, the what-ifs, and channel that into the company. 

In my down time I love playing all kinds of board games, video games and badminton.


Radhika Datt, CFO

I’m Radhika and I’m a Bangalorean through and through. I live in Bangalore with my two rescue cats Kitappa and Kanna. I come from an incredibly compassionate family where animal rights was a big part of our upbringing. 

In 2016, I decided to try veganism and my family quickly joined, too! I believe in adapting veganism to our Indian ideals and I love Indian food (which is so naturally vegan). 

When I’m not maniacally working, I like to read voraciously, eat gluttonously, travel aimlessly and paint leisurely!


Dhivakar Sathyamurthy, Chief Operating Officer


I'm Dhivakar and I head Sales and Operations at One Good. I love what I do at One Good because I get to use my skills for a cause that I truly believe in - Animal Rights. I'm driven in my role by the ultimate goal of removing animals from the supply chain. As someone who has always been inclined towards matters of social justice, the decision to turn vegan 9 years ago was an easy transition when I learnt about what animals are subjected to for human benefit.

When I'm not pestering our biz partners with sales deals, you'll find me playing badminton, cricket, working out, or gaming. I also enjoy learning different languages and I'm working on becoming a more proficient keyboardist and a violinist.



Rohini Ramachandran, Sales & Finance Manager

Hello! I am Rohini. I have always been an empath. So, it didn't take me more than a minute to turn vegan and advocate for animal rights when I looked behind the veil the food industry conceals the truth with. I went vegan to align my values with my actions and I quit my previous job to align my actions with my values. That's how my chapter with One Good began. I am happy to be able to use everything I have to help further the cause and the movement - you'll see this transcend into my work and see me involved in multiple departments.

I have always been confused when it comes to answering where I am from - I have grown up in different parts of the country during different stages of my life. At the moment, I live in Kochi with Hachi and Bambi, my two doggos and lifelines. 

When you see me take a break, I'd either be hiking a mountain, passing out at a beach, looking at nature and wondering what we ever did to deserve this planet, watching football with my friends, turning my house into a mini-rainforest or cooking a vegan meal that will blow everyone's minds to bits.



Katelyn Overland, Head of Communications

Hello! My name is Katelyn. I'm originally from Seattle, but now live in Bangalore with my husband and two rescue cats Bella and Chinnu. Over the past ten years, veganism has been an essential part of my life—so much so that it helped me get to where I am today!

As the head of communications at OG, I get to help spread awareness about veganism, educate people about it—and make our animal rights core values visible to large audiences. It's like a dream come true!

In my free time I enjoy tennis, badminton, roller skating, hosting friends & family, learning Kannada, and exploring this beautiful country!


Basavaraj GS, Head of Manufacturing & NPD

Hi, I am Basavaraj but I am better known as “Raj” within the company. I’ve been associated with One Good for quite a few years now and it has been a rollercoaster ride of growth!

At One Good, I head the manufacturing & NPD department and love what I do on a daily basis. As a Food Technologist, I’ve always loved challenges and problem solving. I have always admired institutions which have goals to bring changes to the world. I love working with a team of young people who all share the same goal of making a better world for animals. 

I am from Bengaluru and a proud ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ, I live with my parents and love spending time with my family and friends. I love reading, meeting new people, making new friends, playing outdoor sports, learning new things, and talking to people about life in general.  I love meeting new people and making new friends. Lately I have developed an interest in music, and I’m learning to play an acoustic guitar!


Our awards

 Social Impact Award, NVC, CU Boulder, 2018

 Best Vegan Curd Award, PETA, 2019