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We're your favourite nutritious & delicious superfood provider

Our mission is simple - To introduce tasty superfoods and their spectacular health benefits to the kitchens & homes of India.

This vision got a group of young biotechnologists to start paying attention to Indian food habits. We observed that increasingly demanding lifestyles have started to adversely affect dietary habits.

To make healthy eating easy and sustainable, we partnered with local farmers to drastically reduce the distance between farm and plate, and to bring you high-quality organic food that can be easily integrated into Indian diets.

We are the pioneers of the superfood revolution in India, cultivating our crops on farms that are certified organic by the government - a certification that is only given to farmland that has been pesticide-free for at least 3 years.

Taste and nutrition come together in all our products, so it’s easy for you to make healthy eating a habit.

Today, you can find Nourish You’s authentic, homegrown, high-quality, certified organic food products at leading retailers across India.

Our commitment to producing high-quality, organic food is reflected in our certifications

Let's take the delicious route to eating healthy!


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