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Vegan ghee - 500 ml

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If you fell in love with how aromatic and rich tasting ghee is, the dairy-free version will have you coming back for more!

Gone are the days you needed to compromise on ghee. This is the satiating, authentic tasting alternative that’ll make you wonder why anyone would want to live without it. 

It’s made with just four ingredients (minus the dairy) so you can cook the way you love without getting rid of taste. Best of all, it's made without interesterification, or the modification of fats. This is your sign to get the cleanest, healthiest, and most affordable ghee alternative around!

Drizzle it over idlis, smear it on parathas, make carrot halwa, saute potatoes, add it to pulav, and fall in love with sambar rice again and again and again!


coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame. Contains nature identical flavours.


Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life

Best before 180 days from the date of manufacture.


500 ml.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is vegan ghee processed?

Many alternatives to ghee on the market are interestified and processed. Our vegan ghee is not chemically processed, and it only contains four ingredients.

2. How is vegan ghee made?

Making vegan ghee is as simple as it gets - it is made by combining more than one fat together to create something that is butter-y in taste and just as functional.

3. Is vegan ghee healthy?

Vegan ghee is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your brain, heart, and overall health. Since it is a rich source for saturated fat, it should be consumed in moderation, just like dairy ghee. The benefits of vegan ghee are that it is 100% lactose-free and cholesterol-free.

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Customer Reviews

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Neeraj Aggarwal
Nice Quality

As usual, nice quality. Loved it!

Mayank Bhandare

Vegan ghee - 500 ml

Balaji Rangasamy
Don't miss ghee anymore!

Tastes and smells so real! Perfect to indulge. Thanks OneGood for this fantastic product!

Prerana Kini

Vegan ghee - 500 ml

Shubham Mishra

Loved it!