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Is it delivered in Bhuvaneshwari, Rt Nagar, Bengaluru, 560032?

Is it delivered in Bhuvaneshwari, Rt Nagar, Bengaluru, 560032?
If Delivered, I would like 3 bottles every week

Taste is good. My Daughter likes.

I Love it

Flax seeds
Cheruku Ravi

Super product

Vegan ghee + vegan butter combo

Love it!

This is my favourite vegan milk in India!

Millet milk 200 ml

This milk has a unique rich flavour.
You have a very good formulation, good for soups, any cooking and milk shakes. Love it

What preservatives used in the milk?

What preservatives used in not mention any where there is no benefit if preservatives are there in our food.

Delicious, tasty curd that has the correct texture and consistency that we expect of great curd.

Other pincodes in bangalore

Please start this service in 5600036 in Bangalore as well. Waiting for this service.

It got spoilt and there was mould within 5 days of purchase this time over

Really wonderful initiative

please make it available in Ahmedabad. 🥺

Drop in Quality?

This week's batch was noticeably different from the Onegood curd that we have been consuming for the past 3 years. The colour of the whey was an unsual greyish yellow and was separated from the curd. The curd itself was lumpy, poorly set and tasted odd. Hope this was a one-off batch. Please look into this.

Millet mlk original- 1 litre
Mrs. Niranjana Venkat
Millet milk

Its very very tasty. I got used to this daily.

Sugar-free cashew oat millet milk | 1 litre

It is the best

Very good product


i dont love the flavour or smell of peanuts but this grew on me. sprinkle some jeera powder and salt on it and its indistinguishable from cow milk's curd. dahi-cheeni is probably not a good idea with peanut curd though. overall, 5/5!

Good taste..

Sweetness, texture taste is good. But it can be more creamy .

Vegan curd - 500g
Janardhan Mandayam

Good product

Super 💯

Vegan curd - 500g
Vaidehi Gopal

I want the customer care number to bring out certain issues

Millet milk!

It's LEGIT the best ever!!!! It's all you want from a milk, it's thick, it's super duper yummy, it smells divine it's not sweet, I can boil it make my tea thick and add it to ramen what not? It's made my mom's life better as well since she turned vegan. It's nit watery at all, thank god and lasts for a very long time! I'm really surprised at the fact that it doesn't go bad. I've tried all milks before oat milk, walnit and cashew and almond milk my this is hands down the the most nutritious and best one in the market! ❤

Millet mlk original- 1 litre
Janardhan Mandayam

Good alternative for cows milk, but expensive compared to cows milk.

Its very good but price is more

Vegan curd - 500g
gopinath Garapati
Very good

Loved the vegan peanut curd. Tasted almost like curd. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sugar-free cashew oat millet milk | 1 L