India’s Best Chocolate (Vegan) in 2022

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India’s Best Chocolate (Vegan) in 2022

Fun fact: Chocolate is basically a fruit! Cacao beans grow in pod-like fruits on tropical cacao trees.

Not so fun fact: A lot of chocolates are made with vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats instead of cocoa butter, taking away health benefits.

Chocolate is one of the most delightful substances on earth, but it has been unfairly labeled as unhealthy due to modern processes and impure ingredients. But if it’s made with high quality plant-based ingredients using traditional techniques, it’s actually not so bad. Hallelujah! 

We partnered with CARRA Chocolates (pronounced “car-rah”), a bean-to-bar brand, to make high quality, clean label vegan chocolates. This means they make the chocolate entirely from scratch. Gone are the days of reading confusing labels and living without world class vegan options. 

That’s because every delicious chocolate bar is made using techniques that are about 200 years old (the first chocolate bar was made in 1847!) First, raw cacao beans are sorted by hand before roasting and deshelling. Then, for around 36 hours, the beans are slowly ground in stone melangers to impart natural cocoa flavours and retain more nutrition. It’s literally better for you and better tasting. 

We’re not lying when we say you can taste excellence in every bite. The best part is that no one has to turn down them down because each flavour is made without: 

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Gums
  • Emulsifiers
  • Preservatives
  • Cholesterol
  • Trans fats
  • Vegetable oils
  • Soy
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Junk fillers like MSG

Instead, they’re made with:

  • Natural sweeteners
  • Cashew-oat plant-based mylk
  • High quality cocoa beans
  • A whole lot of time, love, and effort!

One Good vegan chocolate- in three flavours

Vegan Sea Salt and California Almonds is the real deal. The rich dark chocolate goes well with crunchy almonds, and the sea salt makes it pop. This is the most nutritious flavour, as it contains more cocoa solids and cocoa butter than the mylk chocolates. However, no chocolate craving is too much for the satisfaction this delivers! Buy it here.

Vegan Country Crunch and Butterscotch feels reminiscent of a butterfinger candy bar. But this is better because it's free from animal products. It's a simple delight: cashew-oat mylk chocolate, roasted nuts, vanilla flavouring, and rice krispies. The best way to enjoy it is to let it melt in your mouth to slowly release its rich caramel butterscotch flavours. Buy it here.

Vegan Hazelnut is here to prove that vegan mylk chocolate is anything but bland. We don’t know who decided to mix buttery hazelnuts with milk chocolate, but we decided to enrich it without the dairy. On average, you’ll find that each serving contains fewer calories, less sugar, and sometimes more protein than the dairy counterpart. Guilt-free indulgence is real! Buy it here.

And if you're still looking to add more chocolate into your life, our vegan chocolate mylk is top notch. You can try it here. 

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    Indulgence redefined! 🍫✨ Just tried the Chocolate<ahref=“”> Chocolate .
    Crunchy Peanut Butter from boyo and I’m in love! The perfect blend of rich chocolate and crunchy goodness. Pure bliss in every spoonful! 😋🥜 #ChocolatePeanutButter #CrunchyDelight #SnackHeaven

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