Welcoming Katharos Cheese to the One Good family

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Welcoming Katharos Cheese to the One Good family



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We are delighted to announce the merger of Katharos Foods with One Good, a market leader in comprehensive dairy-free alternative protein products.

The merger is expected to unlock synergies for both parties with increased client footprint and cross-sell.

"The merger will provide our customers with access to a wide spectrum of plant-based dairy alternatives and unlock tremendous synergies" Jasmine Bharucha, founder of Katharos Foods said.

On his part, Abhay Rangan, Founder, One Good said "The merger complements our product range with a wide array of award winning cheese products. The merger will enable us to offer a wide array of delicious, healthy and affordable plant based alternatives to all."

The alternative protein dairy market in India is estimated to reach Rs. 10,000 crores in the next few years.

Katharos is a pioneer in innovation of top quality plant based cheese products in India which are 100% natural, healthy and affordable. They are credited with several firsts, including the world's first mozzarella and cheddar blocks made from watermelon seeds.

One Good offers a comprehensive product range of alternative protein products ranging from plant based milk, butter, ghee, cheese, curd and many more. They are a market leader in key segments offering dairy alternatives


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