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Butter is a staple for millions of Indian homes for its rich taste and flavour, especially when used to prepare traditional foods like aloo parathas, crispy dosas, and garlic naan. Basically, it has a place in everyone’s favourite food.

It's also incredibly versatile, and can be used for sweet, savoury, and spicy dishes of all kinds. 

While butter consumption is increasing, ghee remains the preferred form of butter in India. This is mainly due to the hot climate. Clarified butter (ghee) keeps longer than regular butter and can be used to finish off butter that's about to spoil.

We see an opportunity. People who are switching to butter could just as easily choose a plant-based alternative. So keep reading to learn more about this amazing spread, and then try it in our recipes!

Is butter vegan?

No. Because regular butter is made with animal fat and protein, it’s not vegan-friendly. Cows who produce the milk used to make butter are often sent for slaughter or are abandoned once their lactation cycle peaks, as they're no longer profitable. 

People who follow a vegan lifestyle aim to avoid causing unnecessary suffering, so it's best to avoid butter whenever possible, unless it’s 100% plant-based! 

You can also use oil as a substitute for butter, but vegan butter melts, tastes, and feels just the same on your tongue. 

Is vegan butter healthy? What are the benefits of vegan butter?

One Good butter is made from just six simple ingredients: refined coconut oil, water, cashews, salt, annatto (for colour), and live and active cultures. The main ingredient, refined coconut oil, is a great source of healthy fats. We’re proud to be one of the cleanest label butters on the market, at the request of our customers.

Compared to leading dairy brands, One Good Butter contains less calories, fat, and saturated fat. And unlike dairy butter, vegan butter contains no cholesterol, so it’s perfect for anyone with lactose intolerance.

However, consuming too much butter isn’t a good thing. When used in moderation, it belongs in a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. 

What is the difference between vegan butter, margarine and vegetable shortening?

Our vegan butter spread is made naturally. 

Margarine is saturated fat and is used as a replacement to butter. It may contain traces of dairy, so just be sure to check the label.

Vegetable shortening is mostly unsaturated fats that are used to replace pure animal fat or lard. 

What does vegan butter taste like?

It’s rich, creamy, and soft. Much like dairy-based butter!

What is the shelf life of vegan butter?

The shelf life is six months from the date of manufacture. Make sure to keep it stocked in the refrigerator at all times.

Can I use vegan butter normally?

You can use vegan butter for any application that you would normally use regular butter. Frying, baking, grilling, and anything else you can think of!

And in recipes, you don't need to add or reduce the amount of butter used. Think of it (and use it) as a one-to-one substitution for butter. 

What can I eat with vegan butter?

Where can I buy vegan butter?

If you live in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, or Delhi, you can find our products on Amazon, Big Basket, Vegan Dukan, Alt Mart, Wildermart, VeganMall, and our website of course!

Unfortunately this product does not ship pan-India, but we will fix that in the future!

What about vegan ghee?

We have ghee, too—and it’s one of the only vegan alternatives on the market made without chemically modifying fats! We wrote about its benefits and uses here. 

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