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One Good, too good! 5 New Products to Hit the Shelves in 2022!

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One Good, too good! 5 New Products to Hit the Shelves in 2022!

Today is worthy of a birthday-like celebration because we’re officially One Good!

We’re changing our name and look for One Good reason. In a world full of coconut mylk, almond, mylk, rice mylk, soy mylk, millet mylk, cashew mylk, oat mylk, amaranth mylk, most people are just looking for One Good Mylk. We don’t believe in distractions - we want to give you One Good version of everything. Not just mylk.

Solving for Indian needs requires an approach that is made in India, for India. It also requires that we explore more than dairy.

At OG, we’re the OGs. But now with a refreshing look, we can continue to build out the plant-based movement in India by being the One Good choice millions of people make every day.

And it’s no birthday-like celebration without gifts, so here’s FIVE new products you can expect this year:  

1. Mylk with Millets

 Earlier in March we introduced barnyard millets into our mylk. Why? They’re indigenous to India, which means they’re better for farmers, and more environmentally friendly. 

One of the most exciting things about this revitalizing ingredient is the extraordinary taste. The flavour is neutral while being delightfully creamy. It is truly One Good Mylk!

2. Summer Drinks

Summer is here, and so is our very first summer drink bundle! Starting tomorrow March 19th you can stock up your fridge with all the vegan buttermylk and mango mylkshakes it can fit! 

Our sentimental recipe for Buttermylk is ready to cool you down, and our mango mylkshake is waiting to join in on all your upcoming adventures! 

 They’re only available through the end of the Summer, so soak up the sun with some spicy-and-sweet summertime fun! 

3. Chocolate!

In February, we introduced some mini mylk chocolates for a Valentine’s Day bundle. The response was so good that we’re bringing them BACK! But this time, they’re full sized bars and they’re around full-time! 

You can choose from Country Crunch & Butterscotch, Sea Salt & California Almond, and Hazelnut. We’ve partnered with CARRA Chocolates to give you affordable, delectable mylk chocolate bars. Everyone deserves One Good chocolate bar every now and then.

4. Plant-based something

 In the next few weeks, we’re launching something big! We’re keeping this a magical mystery for now, but we’ll just say one thing: it’s totally next level. 

5. Vegan Deliciousness

So many soon-to-be vegans are afraid of losing out on deliciousness. Stick around for a few weeks to find out what this will be! 


  • One Good: November 18, 2022

    Thanks everyone for your comments! We love seeing what you all have to say!

    Neera – we have 200 ml packs for all three mylk flavours! We are working on smaller pack sizes for products like curd. We totally hear you, and we agree 100% with your comments.

    Paridhi – check out our store locator tab on our website! That will help you find us in your area.

  • Sachin Jagdish Singasane : June 30, 2022

    I will love to work for one good team in Mumbai location, #sachinsingasane call 9702307766

  • Neera Varma: April 03, 2022

    Can you please make a sample pack of all your products ?

  • Neera Varma: April 03, 2022

    Please introduce all new stuff in small packages, as sample products, so that we can try, develop a taste and order. Because I don’t like to throw any food, just in case the taste is not as per my pallet.

  • Paridhi: March 19, 2022

    Please start delivering cheese and other vegan products in Pune as well :)

  • Kannan: March 19, 2022

    Great news, especially the cold good butter milk, they call it More, in my language, and you can have more and more of it with jeera powder a little chhat masala or simply more more.
    And for Divya, you can make wonderful coffee by filter coffee decoction and good mylk, very hot or very cold. It comes out well. However with nescafe powder (which i cant call it coffee), the goodmylk sometimes curdles, so make good filter coffee.

  • Kavya: March 19, 2022

    Wow!! Sounds exciting! Looking forward to the vegan buttermilk!! And yes, cold coffee would be awesome too! 😁

  • Chinny Krishna: March 19, 2022

    Great news! Can’t wait to try out your butterm*lk and the mango shake.

  • Divya: March 19, 2022

    That’s awesome news! Can’t wait. Please please please also make cold coffee…a vegan version would be a dream come true!

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