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This Is The Most Delicious Chocolate Mylk

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This Is The Most Delicious Chocolate Mylk

Uh-oh. You've just been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. No more cheese, curd, or chocolate mylk, right? Wrong!

You don't have to give up anything, because there's an alternative that's better for you, kinder to animals, and more environmentally friendly: One Good Chocolate Mylk. Keep reading to learn more about India’s most recommended chocolate mylk, and a personal favourite of ours.

Why Chocolate Mylk?

When we started out with One Good Mylk, we thought it wouldn't hurt to make it a little sweeter and introduce real cocoa solids to create the ultimate vegan treat. The taste isn't bitter, it’s not grainy, and it's not too sweet. 

Ask yourself this: have you ever met anyone who didn't love chocolate? The smell, the taste, - OMG just thinking about it can give you a wild craving. It's one of the few foods everyone can agree on, even amongst non-vegans. This is why it’s often the first product a non-vegan tries, and boy does it leave a strong impression. 

Anyone Can Fall In Love With It

This is one of our best selling products for a reason: most people just enjoy it, no matter what their diet or lifestyle is. 

We challenge you to give a sample to a non-vegan without telling them. They're guaranteed to love it at first sip! And what will they know? The fact that it's vegan will feel like a secret just between you and your chocolate mylk. 

It's also impossible to just have one. The taste feels homemade, but it's ready to drink, and can even be customised!

The Best Ways To Have Chocolate Mylk

This chocolate mylk alone is enough for you to become obsessed with. It's so light, but so creamy, silky, and rich. But that doesn't mean you can't spice it up a bit or enjoy it as a snack. Here are 15 different ways to try it:

  1. Add a small amount of coconut cream and blend together to make it even thicker. If the sweetness has been lost, add a bit of maple syrup to balance it out. 
  2. Add a very small drop of vanilla extract for a tad bit more flavour.
  3. Blend with a small amount of peanut butter to make a chocolate peanut butter mylkshake!
  4. Turn it into a post workout drink. Add one scoop of PRO2FIT minty chocolate protein powder with a banana for a healthy, delicious protein shake that tastes like dessert
  5. Make pudding with sabja or chia seeds. Just add 3-4 tablespoons to one pack of chocolate mylk and let it sit for around 15 minutes.
  6. Blend with a banana and ice cubes.
  7. Add syrup if you want it sweeter.
  8. Add some cocoa powder if you want more chocolate flavour, but balance it out with a tiny amount of sugar or maple syrup.
  9. Blend with a few oreos to give it a cookie flavour.
  10. Add cinnamon or nutmeg for some mild spice.
  11. Heat it up to make a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.
  12. Chill it for the ultimate refreshment on a hot day.
  13. Pour some in your morning coffee!
  14. Use it to make chocolate cake or pancakes.
  15. Freeze it to make vegan chocolate popsicles!

However you wish to enjoy it, just make sure it’s on your shopping list! 

It’s Healthier, Too!

Never mind what people say about chocolate milk, because they're not talking about chocolate mylk.

Our chocolate mylk is a better, healthier choice to make. It contains fewer calories, carbohydrates, saturated fat, sugar, and it even has some dietary fibre. And of course, since it's plant-based, there's never any cholesterol. 

You’ll be coming back for more, and so will your friends. Don’t worry, we made sure you’ll never have to run out by offering a subscription and wholesale purchasing option. 

It’s Great Without The Guilt

Not only will this alternative taste better than how you remember it, you’ll get to drink as much as you want without the bloating. And unlike the version from your childhood, chocolate mylk is never made with any animal cruelty. What kid would support that if they knew? 

If you love chocolate, check out our Minty Chocolate vegan protein powder made with Belgian powder,our vegan chocolate bars made from scratch, and read all about how the chocolate is made here! Don’t forget to share this blog post with a friend who needs it. 


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