Making delicious plant-based foods more affordable and accessible for everyone

When delicious tasting plant-based foods are hard to find and too expensive for most people, most people won't eat it.

It's not that they don't like delicious plant-based foods— it's that they simply can’t afford it, let alone access it.

We made a promise to fix this, because the right choice should be the easiest one to make. And if we don’t take action now, the planet will pay for it later. 

No more compromising on taste, quality, or values. Get exactly what you're looking for —and save money in the process.

Setting the standard for plant-based foods

Imagine a future where plant-based foods are mainstream, high-quality, and profitable at scale. This is our vision for the future, and we're working towards it everyday!

Our deep knowledge of plant-based products—from concept to success in the kitchen and beyond—helps us create foods that make mouths water, have no side effects, and are completely honest about their ingredients.

You can read more about our process here.

Creating a future where animal agriculture does not exist

We share our planet with billions of living, breathing beings, all of whom deserve to live their lives free from pain and suffering.

Our solution to the horrors of animal agriculture is a sustainable, scalable revolution that eliminates the need for animals— a world that benefits us all.

Isn't it time we moved onto cleaner, greener ways to nourish ourselves and future generations?

Empowering our communities

We rely on local communities everyday by buying locally, paying a fair price for our raw materials, offering good benefits to our employees, and investing into the well-being of people who make our business run! 

Building a cleaner, safer environment for all

It is not enough for us to sell plant-based foods; we constantly look for ways to minimise the environmental footprint that our business leaves behind.

Opportunities we've taken to become more earth-friendly:

  • Ensuring our raw materials are produced and processed locally

  • Reducing the total package material by converting to flexible packaging wherever possible, including both pre and post manufacturing

  • Using recyclable containers as a rule

  • Optimising for product-package ratio with less material per kilogram of product

A more conscious company is more conscious of every aspect of its operations—from ingredients to how products are packaged and delivered. And we'll continue to be transparent about this.

Spreading awareness about a vegan lifestyle 

We believe that compassionate living is something anyone can embrace. Everyone has the ability to make plant-based foods a regular part of their diet, and we are here to help guide them on this journey!

Check out our social media pages, read our blogs and sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay updated and informed. 

The quadruple bottom line

We were disappointed to find that the existing framework for evaluating a company's success focuses on profit and not on animals.

So we invented our own framework called the Quadruple Bottom Line that we evaluate ourselves and measure our success. 

  • People

How many sustainable livelihoods are we creating? Are we ensuring everyone in our value chain is safe, happy, and healthy? What more can we be doing? 

  • Planet

How much fuel, water, and other natural resources are we consuming? What’s our footprint? What are doing to minimise our net harm and maximise our net good?

  • The Animals

What is our impact on animal lives around us? How many animals are we removing from the supply chain? How many people have we helped switch to plant-based food?

  • Profit.

How much value are we delivering to our customers and stakeholders? Are we growing sustainably? Are we on track to making plant-based dairy happen at scale?