Can curd be vegan?

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Can curd be vegan?

Our story

Even though One Good -formerly Goodmylk- started up in 2018, it really began when Abhay Rangan and his mother Veena realized the enormous amount of suffering animals endure for animal products like curd. 

By January of 2011, the Rangan family had already given up curd and all other animal products. But for most Indians, curd isn't an option- it's a lifelong staple, and they were no different.

Finding alternatives to curd wasn’t easy. There were few options, and they were expensive, poor in taste, and inaccessible to them. After a few years without their favourite meals and snacks, Veena developed a recipe that allowed them to indulge in curd again, but this time completely guilt-free!

Upon realizing how many other people were in their same situation, the mother-son duo decided to sell their cherished peanut curd recipe to help others make the transition to veganism. 

What started out as a small kitchen operation grew into one of the most trusted and well-known vegan food brands in India. One Good Curd is the first vegan curd to be commercialized in India, but it's homemade recipe hasn't changed since!

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the benefits, uses, and all the ways you can enjoy our peanut curd!

What is non-dairy curd?

It’s exactly the same thing as dairy curd, but made with peanuts. And just like regular curd, peanut curd contains gut-healthy probiotics produced from the same culturing techniques. The only difference is that peanut mylk, not cow’s milk, is used throughout this process.

What is vegan curd made from?

Vegan curd can be made from any type of milk, because milk is just a liquid made primarily from fat and protein.

But peanuts work the best because they produce a thicker milk to make curd with. The end result is just what you’d expect: a thick, mild tasting, ready-to-scoop curd that tastes delicious. 

Consuming peanut curd is an absolute delight. It replicates that fluffy, light, creamy taste that envelopes everything you add it into. 

Is vegan curd better for the environment?

Vegan curd is more sustainable than dairy curd.

Curd has been made and consumed in India for thousands of years but we need to adapt to our changing needs; the UN has declared that adopting an increasingly plant-based diet is important to slow down climate change. 

Peanut curd is going to change the way we eat, not what we eat! 

What ingredients are in vegan curd?

Peanut curd has only three ingredients: peanuts, water, and live and active cultures. It’s so simple!

We are fans of peanuts for many reasons. They’re grown locally, they’re a staple in the Indian diet, and it recreates the fresh taste and unique texture. It’s not too runny, it’s not too thick, and it isn’t grainy. It just sets perfectly.

Is vegan curd healthy?

It’s better for you! There’s zero cholesterol, zero hormones, zero lactose, and all the same healthy bacterias to help improve your immune system to fight colds and infections.

Is peanut curd good for indigestion?

Yes! This curd doesn’t have a single trace of lactose because it’s 100% plant-based.

Milk products like curd have less lactose than directly consuming milk, but it isn't zero. That’s why a lot of people have to avoid curd altogether. It causes bloating, indigestion, and even inflammation.

But with peanut curd, you’ll never experience the same discomfort. So go ahead and have as much as you’d like!

Dairy curd is not good for the environment

India is the third largest polluter in the world, after China and the United States. Agriculture represents 16% of all the pollution India emits, and of that figure, 74% of it is due to the methane that cows and buffalo produce.

Dairy is a large industry in India because more people rely on it than meat. But not as many people are aware of the environmental costs it has on the planet. With the demand for dairy on the rise, plant-based alternatives are vital to curb emissions and enjoy a healthier world.

Where do I buy peanut curd?

If you live in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Hyderabad, you can order a tub or subscribe on our website any time. We’re working hard to make peanut curd available nationwide, so stay tuned!

What can be made from vegan curd?

You can eat the same foods! The taste is unparalleled to anything else, and it’s extremely versatile. You can make:

Can I use peanut curd as a starting culture? 

You can use our curd for its live and active ingredients, but the results may vary. The most likely case is that your curd won’t come out as thick. 

Let us know your favourite ways to have curd, and don’t forget to share this blog post with someone who doesn’t know about peanut curd!


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  • Sri: May 24, 2022

    I tried masuranna/daddojanam with peanut curd this morning and boy oh boy, it reminded me of my years in Bangalore and at the same time catered to my telugu palette (given my home base is Hyderabad)

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    I would like to be your regular customer,pl let me know how to order. Thankd

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