Is there such thing as a dairy-free ghee? There is, and we have your questions answered!

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Is there such thing as a dairy-free ghee? There is, and we have your questions answered!

We just launched dairy-free ghee!

Why? To countless people, ghee is irreplaceable in their diet. That's why when people approach a plant-based lifestyle: they struggle.

Ghee is eaten in all sorts of different ways all across India. In the state of Maharashtra, rotis are polished with ghee. In Rajasthan, ghee is used for baati in the dal bhaati churma. In Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, ghee is used for rice with pickle, curries, dosas, idlis, and kesari bhat. In Bengal and Gujarat, khichdi is made with ghee. And all over north India, ghee is used to brush rotis, parathas, daals, and naan!

We’ve wanted to solve this problem for a while now, and we wanted to make sure we did it right. In this blog, we’ll look into all the great benefits and uses of our latest product: One Good ghee! And YES, it ships nationwide!

What is plant-based ghee? What is it made of?

Plant-based ghee is as simple as it sounds. And One Good ghee is only made from four ingredients: coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame, and nature identical flavours. Instead of using cow’s milk to extract fats, plant-based fats are used.

But what are nature identical flavours? It's one of three types of flavouring recognised by FSSAI (others being natural and artificial). The flavouring substances are created to, atom by atom, replicate their natural counterparts. These flavouring agents don't contain anything artificial.

What about other alternatives?

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just pretend that our hearts didn’t exist (and easily clog up) and live off of fat and greasy foods? Well, we can at least choose alternatives that are healthier.

Unlike other ghee alternatives, One Good ghee is made without interesterification, or the chemical modification of fat. The process is used to rearrange the fatty acids of fat in oil to help preserve the product. 

Interesterified fats are used in food products as a replacement to trans fats, which are largely regulated and limited to reduce harmful health risks. Interesterified fats are also known to cause detriment to the cardiovascular system but it’s not fully understood. 

Our ghee is pure, natural, and healthier. AND it’s available at the most affordable price on the market!

Isn't vegan ghee just dalda?

Dalda is hydrogenated vegetable oil. Unlike dalda or any other alternative on the market, we do not use interestification or hydrogenation to make our ghee look and taste delicious. Instead, it's made with 100% real, plant-based ingredients!

Does ghee have a lot of health benefits?

Ghee is commonly perceived to be full of health benefits, but many professionals believe they are overblown. One of the main health benefits comes from a component called butyrate, which is important for digestion and colon health. 

But its levels are much lower than what’s found in plant-based sources like beans, peas, fruits, nuts, cereals, and so on. And since plant-based sources contain gut-healthy fiber, ghee shouldn’t be consumed for the purpose of improving digestion. 

Dairy-free ghee is 100% free from cholesterol, casein, and lactose, making it the best option! It’s also chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, so you’re really not missing out. 

Is ghee dairy-free?

Ghee is not suitable for vegans, anyone following a plant-based diet, or anyone with severe dairy allergies. 

When milk is churned long enough, the butterfat and buttermilk separate out. Butter is made from the butterfat, and ghee is made by taking the butterfat and heating it to remove more water and caramelized milk solids. The end product contains low levels of lactose and casein, but it isn’t completely dairy-free. 

What can I use plant-based ghee for?

Dairy-free ghee can be substituted anywhere oil and ghee is used in most cases since it has a delicious, rich taste and it has a higher smoke point. Need some inspiration?

  • Use it on your plant-based meats for the nostalgic coastal flavour
  • Make vegan gulab jamuns or laddoos
  • Eat vegan gajar halwa
  • Drizzle it on your morning dosa or upma
  • Add it to your maggie while it's cooking for a taste so buttery you won't believe it!
  • Use it in your tadka to remember your grandma’s dal or rasam

And so your plant-based journey begins! We're confident you're going to enjoy this product and use it exactly like dairy ghee.

Now go forth, cook something delicious, and let us know in the comments how you like to use it best! Don’t forget to share this blog with someone who should switch to plant-based ghee.


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