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Try these easy & healthy superfood recipes

Sunflower seed cookies

Home-baked cookies with a burst of Sunflower Seeds

Satisfy your cravings with these delectable homemade cookies made using the highly-nutritious sunflower seeds. Treat your kids and family with this nutty delight rich in protein and healthy fats. INGREDIENTS:... Read More

Yummy Gujarati Quinoa Muthia

Relish a nutritious superfood twist to this crunchy Gujarati munchie. Quinoa Muthia is a guilt-free snacking choice for the ones who cannot compromise on healthy dietary habits for the pleasure... Read More
Quinoa Muthia Recipe - Superfood
Vegetable Quinoa Biryani

Vegetarian Delight- Spicy Quinoa Biryani

Relish this nutritious & delicious superfood biryani made using the finest Quinoa Flakes. Choose a healthy route to nourish your palates with this healthy twist to the authentic Indian biryani... Read More

Delectable Superfood Delight - Teff Flour Pudding

Satiate your sweet-tooth without any guilt by preparing this sweet & nutty-flavored pudding using the nutrient-dense superfood Teff Flour with a dash of mocha deliciousness. INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Teff Flour... Read More
Superfood Teff Flour Pudding Recipe
quinoa chocolate doughnuts recipe

Quinoa Chocolate Doughnuts

Drool over these yummy & healthy chocolate doughnuts using the protein-packed superfood quinoa that makes this chocolatey dish a tasty superfood delight! Ingredients: For doughnut dough: 250g quinoa flour ¾... Read More


Now enjoy your favourite cheesy pasta with a healthy Ethiopian twist! Double up the goodness of this popular dish by preparing the flavorsome Cheese Teff Pasta using the African super... Read More
Cheese Pasta With Teff Flour Recipe
Quinoa cheese garlic bread recipe

Quinoa Cheese Garlic Bread

The quinoa cheesy garlic bread serves as a heart-smart starter made with a healthy twist of protein-rich quinoa that simply goes cheesy on your taste goblets! Try this easy-to-prepare superfood... Read More

Superfood Munchies- Quinoa Cutlets with Creamy Sunflower Seed Dip

A perfect evening snack with a superfood touch that blends well with a healthy diet. Quinoa cutlets are easy-to-prepare, tasty appetizers that can be served with a creamy dip made... Read More
Quinoa Cutlets with Sunflower Seed Dip Recipes
Mango delights with chia seeds and quinoa

Mango Delights with a Superfood Twist

This summer season, indulge in some of the healthiest mango delicacies made in jiffy using the finest superfood ingredients.   CHIA SEEDS MANGO PUDDING Ingredients 1 cup whole milk 3... Read More

Workaholic’s Quickie Quinoa Chia Oatmeal Breakfast

Running late for early morning meetings? This easy recipe is fast-to-prepare & will give you a nutritious boost for the entire day! Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats 1 cup rolled... Read More
Quinoa Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe