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What are vegan food products?

There's vegan ghee, vegan curd, vegan milk, vegan butter, and even vegan paneer! What are they for, and who are they for? Vegan food products Vegan food products are made... Read More
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How to get omega-3s on a vegan diet.

Despite what people say, there is omega-3 in vegan foods, and omega-3s can be easily obtained in a plant-based diet. So here are some ways to get more vegan sources... Read More
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What does it mean to be vegan? | One Good India

To understand what veganism means, first you must know how it is defined. In this blog post we will explore both of these things together. What is the definition of... Read More
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7 ways to take the stress out of going vegan

To some people, going vegan is stressful. If you leave with anything, may it be this: veganism is a journey and not a destination, be patient and be kind to... Read More
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Is veganism expensive? | How to save money as a vegan

Is veganism expensive? Yes and no. If you live off of expensive alternatives, special foods, and imported ingredients, then yes.  If you eat a traditional Indian diet, no. Here's our... Read More
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20 captivating quotes about veganism | One Good India

There are so many ways to make the world a better place. You can volunteer, donate money to your favourite charities, start your own non-profit, OR you can share vegan... Read More
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3 ways to master veganism in 2023 | New Year's Resolution

Is going vegan one of your New Year's resolutions? We've got 3 tips to help you master a vegan lifestyle in 2023! 1. Find your perfect path. Is veganism a... Read More
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Don't have a New Year's Resolution yet? Try veganism!

If you’re a vegan, you probably don’t need any convincing that a vegan lifestyle feels great. But that's not who this blog post is for, anyway. If you're still on... Read More
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2023 is the International Year of Millets. Why does it matter?

What are millets? Have you ever heard of millets? They are small, nutritious grains that have been a staple food across India and South East Asia for millennia. The cultivation... Read More
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Do plants feel pain? | Debunking common vegan myths

Claims are routinely made on the internet that plants feel pain in order to argue that vegans are harming the environment just as much (or more) than meat-eaters. For many... Read More